!! OMG, he hates immigrants: Bill O’Reilly !!

When discussing the recent tragic death of a little girl who got run over by an illegal immigrant drunk driver, loudmouth Geraldo Rivera stands up to louder-mouth Bill O’Reilly and his shouting-above-his-adversaries tactics.

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12 Comments on "OMG, he hates immigrants: Bill O’Reilly"

  1. wow.. the first time i’ve ever been on geraldo’s side.. never thought that would ever happen

  2. I agree with ohguy937 – illegal is just that – if they are not legal they should go home and do the work of becoming legal like so many hardworking immigrants before them……..there is NO easy way!

  3. I saw this clip on Keith Olbermann today. Keith has a segment called Worst Person In The World. Billo is usually on the list. But today, for the first and last time (as Keith said) Geraldo is the Best Person In The World. He’s never done that before. Billo is exploitive, mean-spirited, two-faced, and intimidating. He’s also immature, egomaniocal, stupid, and caters to the extreme, ultra conservative right wing jackasses who voted W into office. One last invective…he’s an outright liar.

  4. I would love for O’Reilly to suffer a mild heart attack on screen. And I think whoever the next guest is on his show should just respond “Oh, really, O’Reilly?” ad nauseum until Bill can’t take it anymore. And then say it one more time. That would be funny.

  5. Me no likes Rivera’s ego…
    But check out this clip…
    (Zero population or third World in the making!)

  6. O’Reilly should be deported, taken to a mental hospital, then maybe tortured and killed. He is one sick person. He is not a man.

  7. He hates illegal immigrants, no immigrants who don’t break the laws to come into this country like the guy who drove drunk and killed two girls.

  8. Native Americans are the only ones who are allowed to tell anyone to go home.

  9. Had the law been enforced, there would have been one less drunk driver.

  10. O’Reilly is fucking crazy.

  11. I LOVE THIS CLIP!!!! I love the fact that Geraldo Rivera is louder than jackass O’Reilly and for once O’Reilly doesn’t have anything to say for a sec.

  12. now now … get it correct…Mr. O’Reilly doesn’t like ILLEGAL immigrants…nor do i!
    In all of the discussion about immigration reform, people always seem to leave out the ILLEGAL part … if you don’t follow the law … then you deserve to be thrown out!

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