!! OMG, he needs a touch more makeup: Mike Ruiz !!

Oh, look, it’s Mariah Carey before her dramatic pound dump for Jenny Craig…oh, wait, no. That’s just celebrity photographer and former A-Lister Mike Ruiz giving his best Drag Race performance as the butterfly-belting diva. If it wasn’t for the flashes of underwear-slug manbits, I never would have known.
(via Queerty)

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4 Comments on "OMG, he needs a touch more makeup: Mike Ruiz"

  1. Fashion by Ruiz, hair by Nyasha

  2. its season four, not five of Drag Race. Get your story straight OMG blog!

  3. Maybe Mike should go on Drag-U first???

  4. Wig or not, I’d still do him!

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