!! OMG, he was a rock star: Ricky Gervais !!

Before The Office, before Extras, before his upcoming transition to American mainstream, Ricky Gervais was an 80s pop-rock star. Watch part of his video in the clip above.

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3 Comments on "OMG, he was a rock star: Ricky Gervais"

  1. its paul murton on the room 101 show for the bbc, his also a satirical comedian, and is more famously known as a team captain on the satirical quizz show “have i got news for you”. hes quite funny, i guess.

  2. Well, at least he can sing (assuming that’s his voice). Beats “Sunglasses at Night”.
    Poor Ricky looks like he wants the floor to open up, though. Heh.
    Boys, this is schadenfreude. We’re shady and cold for wanting him to be mortified like that, and for enjoying it, knowing how we’d hate to be embarrased like that.
    So who is this Paul guy? I’d say he’s family, but my gaydar is misaligned, and Brit-ness doesn’t help.

  3. OMG that was awesome! Ricky looked hot!

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