!! OMG he’s bloody and naked: Viggo Mortensen !!

I still haven’t seen Eastern Promises, but I keep hearing about the shower scene from everyone and their unborn child…but luckily OMG! reader LARRY sent in some screen-capse of Viggo all violent in the shower. He even went so far as to enhance the image to give us a clearer view of the corona!
Enjoy(?) the NSFW closeups after the jump.


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9 Comments on "OMG he’s bloody and naked: Viggo Mortensen"

  1. this isnt viggo this guy name is Aleksandar Mikic… i got a boner just from his accent then those tatts damn

  2. this is one sexy fucker… stats the accent,

  3. The “small” comments are from people who aren’t around naked men. Go to a locker room, a nude beach, a spa. See something besides porno.

  4. Vigo rocks. Why do idiots say it is small? Fuck, you can clearly see it is thick and that it has a lot of skin that it stretches and grows into. We don’t all hang 10 inches when flaccid.

  5. yum!
    he is a hot old guy.
    i’d suck his fat little sausage all night!

  6. Viggo Mortensen is hot, but not in this scene. Blood + Russian bath + Genitalia ≠ Hot.

  7. It’s small..

  8. Damn and that’s soft.
    Gonna watch this moving 2-nite.

  9. That wang is hot! I’d ride on it till next tuesday.

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