!! OMG, He’s Finally Naked: Levi Johnston !!

Like any good homosexual, I just back from an elaborate five-hour brunch (thanks Zack!) only to discover my inbox full with the news that the Levi Johnston Playgirl pictures have leaked. THANK GOD! Maybe now we will never have to hear about this person again. (Although considering what a famewhore he is, Mr. Johnston and his bodyguard/publicist Tank Jones will find some way to keep tormenting us.)

Anyway, as expected, Levi coyly conceals his Alaskan salmon-bait. That’s right, guys: NO D. The only surprise here is that disturbing discovery that he shaves his pubes. PUKE!

Get a load of Levi’s butt, bare chest and stubbly crotch after the jump! Not safe for work! Via Oh No They Didn’t.

(Oh No They Didn’t)

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34 Comments on "OMG, He’s Finally Naked: Levi Johnston"

  1. kitty deluxe | April 4, 2013 at 11:12 pm | Reply

    well – that’s a disappointment – and a good indicator that he made little $$ for the photo-shoot, or!!- they found his mr. happy not a BIG surprise… and decided to… oh, let’s face it.. the poor darling has been cheated by mother nature. No brains, AND no dick – harsh isn’t it. I feel for the poor guy.

  2. Eh. I’m not impressed in the least by his body but I am impressed by the fact that he actually found TWO females willing to birth his offspring.

  3. this Levi is cynical; and Sarah P.worse than that.He has been received back in the Palin’s home.What for? He is bedding Bristol again and also younger sister Willow.And incredibly, he shares Sarah P.’s bed on the argument that she has more sexual experience to teach him, so be will pleasure Bristol and Willow better.Endless orgy! He got so exhausted he was sent to nearest hospital for vitamin B complex shots, and he was applied new viagra suppositories, these patented by Sarah P. herself. What a shame!

  4. How ridiculous. And after all this we have shaved pubes? PLEASE. If he didn’t want to OTURIGHT show his cock, he could have at LEAST done a shot or two that showed an obvious VPL. This way, everyone is convinced it’s small.

  5. I am SO with you, OMG. Shave pubes are a total turnoff. I’ve actually over heard this at the gym–str8 guys see it in porn and start doing it because they think “The chicks dig it!” Keep the razors above the collar bone, boys. Crotch stubble and pubic pudge are not attractive.

  6. I think he looks cute – He has beautiful eyes/eye-brows…It’s odd his pubes are so trimmed and yet his pits aren’t…? I think trimming is okay but there’s not need to take it down to stubble!

  7. i think he is adorable!! id loooove some of his baby batter!! yum!

  8. Not bad, not fabulous and I certainy wouldn’t kick that boy outta bed but w/o the peen shot, he’s easily forgettable. I suppose this is about the ONLY thing I can be grateful of anything that John McCain and the GOP establishment has done for America…as short lived as it is (15 min. worth of fame…oh wait…2 min. cuz’ I’m going back to the OMG Blog to see what else is new since I’m so over this kid as of the end of this…sentence.)

  9. I thought he looked quite attractive with his clothes on, naked not so much. His attractiveness aside, I give him some points for having the nerve. I don’t think the stylist or the photographer did great jobs.

  10. Larry, it is probably not his coronal ridge. It is probably his telephone number. He wants you to call him.

  11. just how many minutes does he have left now?

  12. Yawn! Seen it, short and fat. Now Mr. Sarah Palin, that would be nice!

  13. From the close up shot with the towel, it looks like a coronal ridge indentation, as if the head of his penis is pressing against the towel. Is it just me? I wonder if they interviewed him and if he said if he was cut or uncut.

  14. eternalcanadian | November 23, 2009 at 1:41 pm | Reply

    woot! hot damn, that’s pretty good. bristol’s loss, ehehehe. just one question. did levi do a lot of manscaping on that chest? coz i would have thought with all that hair under his arms and on his legs he’d have at least some on the chest.

  15. Masa really put it best. By not showing peen, people are going to assume Levi’s got a small one (more than likely he does). He’s got no ass and the shaved pubes are rather lame.
    The Levi Johnston shoot was supposed to “re-invent” the magazine but it ended up being a huge disappointment for everyone and I feel sorry for people that paid for a subscription. Playgirl will have to do some damage control and/or get a “celeb” that WILL show cock and not pussy out like Levi “small” Johnston.

  16. I’m sooooo over the shaved pubes thing. I bet Levi had a nice bush too. I like his pits!

  17. To be fair, i can’t say the boy has a bad body. I would kill for a body like that.
    But, I’m disappointed.
    He has no ass, it’s so flat. The only possibly attractive rear-end shot is the one where he’s kinda touching it.
    He should have showed some peen. I mean now everyone is going to automatically assume he has a little one.
    I know he was going for tasteful. He’s got a kid yatta yatta, but it came off boring.
    And what the hell is up with the ring on his wedding finger???

  18. not an unattractive guy – but this was a lot of buzz for nothing. it’s less erotic than what i see at home or my local gym. levi made out with 100G without giving up much at all.

  19. keep share… have a nice day

  20. What a shambles! It wont relaunch anything without dick pics. He looks good,y does he shave his pubes,y no cock shots,y the bother? His ass looks nice tho,but a celeb showin his cock,professionally,would be a big deal(maybe) 4 him & 4 the mag. Can u say copout?

  21. Did Playgirl pay him for this lay-out? No wonder the paper version of their magazine folded.

  22. WOW….biggest disappointment of 2009….im 5 times hotter than this guy!! shit put me up naked, ill sell 10 times the mags!! how sad….hope NOW he will finally GO AWAY…

  23. Ironically the best pictures in the set are the two with him wearing clothes…
    something tells me a washcloth would have sufficed in place of the towel. That said, I’d be happy to implant my own johnson in Mr. Johnston’s perky lil’ rear-end.
    If Playgirl is counting on these for their “big re-launch”, well good luck…

  24. U can lyk see his face in the fog to left of his head

  25. He looks aweful..he went to the damn gym and u see no effect

  26. really… did someone just say his ass was amazing? To each his own I suppose, but other than the slight ‘he is a real person and i see him naked’ he does nothing me.. and his ass is FAR from amazing

  27. Is that Baskit skivvies he is wearing??? I have those same Action Cools!

  28. Must be the Kato Kaelin of the next month or two! Can the talk shows and appearances on reality shows be far behind gee I can hardly wait (yeah, right, its better than having Sara Pallin polluting the airwaves, I haven’t heard her stand on gay marriage, does she have one? why cant the news media do anything worthwhile? Thanks OMG blog for the ease of not having to go see the issue anywhere!!!\best wishes for your turkey getting stuffed this week! xoxo hugs kisses and all that jazz!

  29. OK, we all knew it–no peen and no hockey stick. Can’t believe I’m defending him, but he has been taken in by the usual pack of handlers and blood-suckers and only sees some false promises of fame and fortune instead of the usual 15 minutes. Oh and yeah, I’d still do him in a minute.

  30. irritatingly no peen

  31. no peen? but thats the best part! i hate you playgirl.

  32. i LOVE this guy!!! he is not the hottest guy on the planet, but jesus christ, he is sexy as hell. his ass is amazing and those eyes knock me out. say what you will…he is HOT. wanted to see the entire package, but will take what i can get…

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