!! OMG, he’s naked: Actor Chris Geere in ‘Pete VS Life’ !!

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You may know actor Chris Greer from 2013’s Jaden Smith vehicle After Earth. But if you don’t, then you’ll now know him for Greere‘s rear in the series Pete Vs Life, after the jump!

Pete versus Life S01EP04[(007471)02-29-21].JPG
Pete versus Life S01EP04[(033941)02-32-55].JPG
Pete versus Life S01EP04[(033944)02-33-03].JPG
Pete versus Life S01EP04[(033951)02-33-23].JPG
Pete versus Life S01EP04[(033955)02-33-34].JPG
Pete versus Life S01EP04[(033968)02-34-06].JPG
Pete versus Life S01EP04[(034367)02-35-50].JPG
Pete versus Life S01EP04[(038270)02-39-09].JPG
Pete versus Life S01EP04[(038258)02-38-37].JPG
Pete versus Life S01EP04[(038257)02-38-34].JPG
Pete versus Life S01EP04[(034559)02-36-48].JPG
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