!! OMG, he’s naked: Eric Mabius !!


Even though he was only in the first season of The L Word, Eric Mabius gave his male fans something to remember: mainly his butt. Since Eric and I went to the same small, private liberal arts college (not at the same time), I feel it only fitting that I immortalize his nakedness here on !! omg blog !!, even if it comes with the unfortunate side effect of posting pictures of Jenny. Look at your own risk after the jump [NSFW].

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And from some movie called Wirey Spindell:

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15 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Eric Mabius"

  1. I wish I could see his real penis..anyone have any video of him? full frontal and in HD?

  2. this dude is hot!!!

  3. oh my god i just saw him in a christmas wedding on lifetime! he is so fucking hot. i would love to suck on his nipples and eat out his armpits. i would lick his stomach all day and smell his cock and ass till i took turns sucking them with my mouth.

  4. his ass is soooo nice. dude gives me a boner.. i first saw him in resident evil and didnt think id see him naked

  5. OOH he is mad sexy!!! i love him!!!

  6. Dude!
    He is motherfucking sexy!
    i get off just by looking at him!

  7. Can i suck all nover him. I like his dick. I want it up my ass hole!!!

  8. sexy

  9. can i fuck him please cant wait to see his hairy cock!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. wooow
    id luv 2 get my tongue and cock between those soft sexy ass cheeks

  11. WOW!!! He’s so yummy. How do I can get those clips??? Please i want to see him closely

  12. OMG ! I LOVE HIM . HE’S SO HOT !!!
    LOVE HIM !


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