!! OMG, he’s naked: Gerard Butler !!

Hey everybody, sorry for the lack of posts yesterday. I wasn’t near a computer all day when I thought I would be. To make up for it, I bring you Gerard Butler, star of the movie 300, which comes out tomorrow, in all his naked glory in a previous role.

I wrote about 300 a few months ago to get you all excited about the action, make-up, and loincloths involved. I can’t wait to see it this weekend!
See Gerard Butler revealed after the jump [NSFW].

Click to enlarge.
(Thanks to Clinton for the image!)

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52 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Gerard Butler"

  1. WOW!!! Look at all the morons that posted here below dating back the 10+ years!!! If only I was here sooner… Better late than never. That dude obviously does not have a small or tiny weenie!!!!! Its so damn clear that its way bigger than average size!!! And even being in the cold enviroment, his weenie still maintain way bigger than average size!!! Most men shrink to under an inch when in the cold and/or water, duh! Look at Gerry’s cute weenie still maintain several inches!!! That being said, I know for a fact that his weenie is big when flaccid/soft plus even bigger when hard/erect!!! Gerry has one of the cutest weenies!!!!!

  2. Christina D Lloyd | January 30, 2017 at 12:20 am | Reply

    Greetings! I do know that this is an old article. I would like to know something, can you get another up to date of a picture of him naked and full blown? Just curious. Thanks! Oh, and thanks for sharing. 🙂 And what do you think of his latest works. Would like to read your thoughts. 🙂

  3. gerard was treated for hypothermia. those those of you who are ignorant that is life threatening loss of body heat. check out the yellow towel in “shooters”, no enhancement, just gerry. and yes he is definitely Uncircumcised. and for the person with the edited “Mrs. Brown” get a better copy, the cock shot is definitely available in america. gerry is also inordinately fond of mooning on set. check you tube. he is a lovely human being people, grow up!

  4. Probably huge when erect though. Still do him though.What is that white part on the penis that moves onto his arm?


  6. his babe anytime | April 10, 2009 at 1:44 pm | Reply

    give me gerard in any and every possible way. I love him thin and I love him heavy.bearded or shaven.long hair or no hair.he couldn’t be more hot. the eyes. the lips. the hands. the accent.the honest-to-god smile…as for his privates, i’m just glad he has one of those, too.please,he’s so hot i could cry. i do love him so much, it hurts.

  7. a little wiwi is always good for up the butt, i just hope hes good with his tongue

  8. “Click to enlarge.”
    It didn’t have the effect I was hoping for.

  9. Hes the total package….

  10. Gerard was talking about filming this scene,,,it was COLD!!!!! Poor guy couldn’t get hard if his life depended on it! Nice dick and body anyway!

  11. You people are too much. For one thing is dick is not hard and it is a little hard to predict how large it can possibly get under those circumstances. Leave the poor boy alone.

  12. whoooooow i can not beleive this image!he is nice!

  13. id definitely do him even if he were gay.
    and as for the tiny penis.. id have to say, no comment. its sort of a turnoff for me but oh well. he’s still gerry! and everybody loves gerry.

  14. Not only that Lisha, but just because it’s small now, we don’t see it erect…so for all we know, he could be huge! 🙂 But who cares anyway…if I had a choice between sucking a small dick and a big dick, I’d pick the small one…you don’t miss anything that way

  15. Enough with the small penis comments. We all know what happens to men when they have been in cold water. That does look like a big body of water in the background doesn’t it? Nuff said.

  16. he is so hot omg he is naked I love him so much he is one of the finest and good actors in the planet i’ve seen half of his movies and he does such a great job

  17. Jacqueline | May 8, 2008 at 9:47 pm | Reply

    Gerard is so unbelievably sexy….that accent, those eyes, that grin…omg, it makes me melt!!! He’ll never be mine…but he’s mine in my DREAMS!!!

  18. Gerard is the HOTEST Scot on the planet naked or fully clothed.Lets all just admire the way God was just showwing off when he made Gerard Butler.

  19. His name is GERARD Butler. G-E-R-A-R-D.

  20. DAMN!!! he is sooooo fine but there needs to be one where he is standing still facin forward i would get much pleasure out of a picture like that tell him that i love him

  21. Gerard is the sexiest thing around. Check him out in P S I love you. I’ll take him and his tiny penis any day!

  22. Leave the man alone… I bet he’s a grower, not a shower.

  23. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL

  24. Mrs Patrick Campbell | October 25, 2007 at 4:01 am | Reply

    Gerald is one of the hottest fudge-packers around! But let’s see some better photos of the ‘goods’!

  25. Awww he is gorgeous and a fine actor-gay or straight. Who cares anyway-like in some alternate universe any of us would meet him and he would fall madly in love/lust with any of us be we male or female! Dreams are free though right?

  26. I’d hit it.

  27. yes, i’m not doing much for the next 50 years!!! [email protected]

  28. I’ve seen Mrs.Brown numerous times and taken screen caps from the film for my personal photo files. However, in the US version of this film there is no shot showing Gerry’s penis. At least not in the version I have. But even if this really IS his penis and not one photoshopped in, it would be impossible to tell what size it is when erect. My hubby has a huge penis but when in ice cold water you would never guess it. It looks just like the one Gerry has in the photo. Actually, a very small penis when erect can look just like a pink button on a fur coat, when cold.
    My guess is that Gerry is Bi-Sexual. But no matter what, he’s the hottest Scot in the world.
    Dorothy in OZ

  29. Leave the man’s privates alone. At lease he let you see them. And Size does not mean everything. It is how he uses it.
    Everyone knows that cold can make even the proudest specimen look like a dried up prune and nerves can do strange things to the love muscle. Personally I prefer my man clean and cut. But I would take him either way.

  30. Victoria Rosas | May 8, 2007 at 7:14 pm | Reply

    Who care if he is or isn’t gay?? He is gorgeous. Eye candy to the world. Let me feast my eye again and again until I die… happy! With or without a mask, with or without foreskin, it does not matter. He is delicious.

  31. You guys are tools…a) He’s definitely gay. Just because hes not pictured with other actresses doesnt mean hes batting for the other side. b) That is a flacid knob, a COLD flacid knob; I hardly think its small. If anyone does: I cordially invite you to drop your drawers on camera in freezing weather.
    Liza out.

  32. Who’s Ariel Vromen? Lemme google him…

  33. omfg he is the sexiest man in this world! i dont think hes gay but i dont know…who cares if hes got small penis….hes hot!!!

  34. Super hot and defintely gay. Unfortunately he’s been with his boyfriend director Ariel Vromen for years.
    If that relationship doesn’t work out for you Gerry… would love to check out those abs in person.

  35. He has a little penis and he looks like the cave man from the Geico Commercials. He is a great actor.

  36. ooommmmgggg
    I am so obsesed with him
    I have to many pictures of him
    If any one has his email will you please give it to me
    Im at [email protected]
    ok please tell me

  37. Gary Brubaker-Ogilvy | March 26, 2007 at 4:29 pm | Reply

    As far as his sexuality he could very well be gay.
    With reference to my fellow Scotsman’s tackle leave the foreskin alone.

  38. he is my new favorite movie star now after 300. I no longer have a crush on Jake Gyllenhaal or Heath Ledger or Russell Crowne. Cut or uncut, his smile is worth millions of dollars!

  39. do you have any more???

  40. dr john zoidberg | March 22, 2007 at 6:40 pm | Reply

    He has a co-op in Chelsea, an apartment in Hampstead London, hangs out in West Hollywood, and has not had a single confirmed girlfriend, talks about his life in great detail but refuses to divulge any info about his personal life, makes countless homosexual references in interviews and often refers to his feminine side, is only seen photographed with women at industry parties and events – never on his personal time.
    And you think he’s straight WHY?

  41. HE’S NOT GAY!! for god’s sake. he’s hot, but not gay. I really cool and really awesome!!

  42. To the little girl who said “uncut cocks r so ugly,dirty,cheesy,slimy n wrinkly! Yuck,get em clipped!”, get your vagina circumcised then, loser, since it’s way uglier, dirtier, etc.

  43. he is a very charismatic man and has experimented with on occasion more than one sex why do you think he has such a vast expanse of emotion in his artistic interpretations on stage and on the screen he is not blocked emotionally or physically by societal contraints…….. and being gay is not all anyone is it simply is another facet of an individuals personality why do you make it sound like it is bad or an unfortunate addition to someones life most everyone on the planet is bisexual to some degree very few of us are totally one or the other. his friend does him a dis-service by protesting and limiting who his friend truely is, he may be angry that gerard simply does not find him attractive enough to share his body with!

  44. oOoOo anon tell me more *wiggles eyebrows*

  45. Is he uncut?

  46. He was also in Phantom of the Opera. And about uncut cocks, I have only met one man with an uncut cock that was nasty. Most men are very clean.

  47. Shaun Michaels | March 10, 2007 at 6:58 am | Reply

    uncut cocks r so ugly,dirty,cheesy,slimy n wrinkly! Yuck,get em clipped!

  48. Right, GeraRd – not GeraLd. And he’s not gay. He’s said he’s not gay. I also happen to know a gay friend of his from Glasgow who lives in NYC who says he’s not gay to every guy who asks. I also know two women Mr. Butler has slept with. Unfortunately I’m not one of them. LOL

  49. a big strapping boy should have a big uncut cock yum!

  50. I may just have to camp out overnight for 300.
    Love Gerard.

  51. It’s Gerard, not Gerald.

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