!! OMG, he’s naked: Nick Beyeler !!

While I’m not sure he qualifies as a celebrity, “world aerobics champion” Nick Beyeler has enough other combined assets to warrant a post of his goods. I’m not sure exactly what a “world aerobics champion” is, and I suspect it’s just a title he made up and gave himself, but he is hot and has a big thing, so I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. See all of him after the jump [NSFW].

Nick Beyeler nude
Nick Beyeler nude
Nick Beyeler nude
Nick Beyeler nude
Nick Beyeler nude
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18 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Nick Beyeler"

  1. Holy fuck! Nice and hairy!

  2. I have a CD-Rom of Nick Beyeler bought from his website, and if the second picture from the bottom is a fake, it’s made pretty well. He shows everything there…;-)

  3. second pic from the bottom is a (by now famous) fake.

  4. HOT! hot!

  5. OMG!!! I’d let him fawk me anytime..
    he’s so cute and sexy at the same time.. DAMNZ!!!!

  6. fuck me but he’s cute. where can i get more. iano

  7. OMG I WANT HIM IN MY BED!!! yeeeeee!

  8. how do you gat your body

  9. Well… I’ve been dancing around like the men on that video for quite a while… and I’ve never even come CLOSE to looking like that!!! haha

  10. OMG is right…Wow!

  11. wooot! awesome chest. just the right amount of hair. haha! cute face and huge dick! great package!

  12. I love the first and the third pics the best. He does have a nice cock and ass, but those other two, where more is left to the imagination are even better.

  13. WOW! Now I’ve seen the whole package; sure would try it on for size

  14. Athletic thighs. Yum. Nice cock, too.

  15. And that’s why workouts are so good for you!

  16. yay! : )

  17. This guy is gorgeous…I’d suck him off while he does his aeorbics!

  18. I wanna f*ck him, is that enough? 😀

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