!! OMG, he’s naked: Russell Crowe !!

Daniel Radcliffe has nothing on Russell Crowe, who did the whole “riding the horse naked” thing back in 1993 in his film Hammers Over the Anvil. See him in action after the jump [NSFW], and if you look hard enough, you might see a glimpse of something between his legs.

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10 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Russell Crowe"

  1. ross leonard sayer | March 30, 2012 at 6:38 am | Reply

    lve to see russell crowe take it up the arse or even jerk off .oh how I wish I met him then who knows what might happen.

  2. i just can’t stop looking at that great ass. all i have wanted to do for the past few days is ram my cock up his ass & fill it with steaming hot cum & then suck his cock dry. hmmm… god i’m getting hard just thinking about it. will have to go jack off now.

  3. Actually, that looks a bit painful to me.

  4. i’ve just been taking another look at russell’s ass….man i just want to drive my cock into it. it is just so fucking hot.

  5. can’t stand russell but fut me has he got a great ass or what. would have been nice to see a bit more cock, espeacialy if it is as impressive as his ass.

  6. I’m with T though – hot nerds is where it’s at!

  7. OMG! How fantastically manly!!!

  8. I’ll stick with Radcliffe; I like ’em nerdy and certainly not so bulky.

  9. Naked *AND* bareback! 😀

  10. So cheesy.

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