!! OMG, he’s naked: Simon Rex !!


Oh young Simon Rex. I’m going to assume that you’ve seen these videos before, like in the 90s, but I personally find them timeless. The grainy quality also harkens back to waiting for pictures to slowly reveal themselves over a 2400 baud dial-up modem.

Enjoy some videos of the former MTV veejay getting off in these scenes from Brad Posey’s Young, Hard and Solo #2 and #3. [NSFW].

Simon Rex as “Sebastian” in Young, Hard, and Solo #2:

Simon Rex as “Sebastian” in Young, Hard, and Solo #3:

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43 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Simon Rex"

  1. I first saw this when I would search/download porn from Limewire so my parents wouldn’t see it!

  2. Simons curve shoots a good load

  3. Is it me, or did his dick get bigger? In the first one it seems a lot smaller than the second. I don’t care about sizes but that’s interesting. Maybe they’re are porn secrets.

  4. Steven would love this. XD

  5. Oh, Steven!

  6. corey menolium | June 18, 2013 at 1:47 am | Reply

    I want to siton his fat cock and bounce up and down and then suck his cock until he shoots his load in my mouth

  7. Very long masturbation, with lubes and use of a rug.Had he been uncircumcised it would have been easier: ahandjob but sliding foreslin back and forth: no rug nor lube needed.At it would heve been awesome too.He has a thick cock an beautiful butts.Would be interesting if some day you showed an uncut guy wankind.See who wins the prize.But he is a good represntative of US males:all cut for no known valid reason

  8. he is so hot and uncut cocks are just unhygenic and disgusting eww

  9. Suce MAqueue | July 16, 2012 at 10:10 pm | Reply


  10. If Simon can show his then why can’t the rest of the celebs show theirs?

  11. Comments on Simon Rex j/o: very “professional” knows how to self-pleasure better by fondling his balls, caressing his perineum and doing some self-butts rimming!Helps. Handicap: he cannot move nor slide the skin of the shaft and has to use lots of lube.If he would not have been circumcised at birth, he would have jerked off sliding his foreskin back and forth and every once in a while he would have touched his frenulum enhancing his pleasure! More than 4000 sex nerve endings were gone with his circ which eliminated his foreskin and his very sensitive frenulum.When he j/o I have the double impression he feels a lot of pleasure together with doing a tiresome job. Uncut guys will probably have the same feelings I do!

  12. Simon Rex, I love the way you are. I wish I can meet you and play with your reproductive organ.

  13. God!!! I hate it when gorgeous straight guys make gay porn!!!

  14. Simon is so hot. befor i saw the solo jack off videos. now that ive seen two man id sit on his cock in a min. and suck his load rite out of his big cock,

  15. He has it all, face, body, hair. It’s good he recorded himself in his prime, he won’t always look that good.

  16. My Favorti actor, OMG i can’t believe he so PERFECT

  17. Simon’s got a nice fat cock! Great in size and he’s got a nice body. Wish he would make a follow up to this video. The guy is hot!

  18. Simon deserves a Ton of credit! If he does nothing more than weather these by-gone jerk-off videos, then he’s done more than most actors in Hollywood. First off, he’s gorgeous and should have done more j/o videos. Second, he’s an expert at jerking off, he’s so into it… he must be incredible when actually having sex with some lucky sob! Third, let’s face it, at some point EVERYONE will have a jerk-off video online somewhere! He’s ahead of his time! And fourth, he deserves another ton of credit for having the great confidence to see the humor in it all. How many other people could do that? So many other Hollywood people have lost it for so much less than that. The guy’s got balls, literally! We’ve all seen them! And you know what… it’s not the end of the world. Who DOESN’T jerk off? So yeah, Koodos for Simon, he’s a step beyond, the rest of the world just hasn’t caught up yet. You Rock, Simon! Stay True, Brother, all the Best To You!

  19. omg he makes nice sperm he is such a hunk
    more more more

  20. wow, i will die to have one night with him He is so hot!!!

  21. wow he is so sexy, this is the best jerk off video ive seen, his dick looks so perfect i just wish she at least trimmed the bush a bit lol but damn this just made me get so wet! I want HIM!!!

  22. You may already know this, but Simon Rex was also in a THIRD video from Brad Posey/Club 1821, namely, “Brad Posey’s Hot Sessions #3”. (He’s one of five guys in the video.) This is a video of an outdoor photo session of Simon, featuring him in all sorts of poses and degrees of erection, including a sitting cum shot where he alerts the photographer, “I’m gonna cum!”, and seconds later shoots a big wad on his left pec. Like the other two vids, he’s credited here as “Sebastian”. FWIW.

  23. He’s so sexy, perfect dick, nice chest, I want him now! 😉

  24. i want his dick in my ass

  25. simon rex is so hot back in the day and even today, he is one guy who is going to grow old gracefully. his cock is a very nice looking cock, from what i can see he is very thick

  26. These videos are amazing. Hes so hot. Still is today. I wish he can make another video like this at his age now. i would love to see it. His cock is great and his ass is beautiful!

  27. wow, he is beautiful and still is today, im in love, and I love the video Young, Hard ,and Solo #3 especially when he fucks the floor, i wish i was the floor, lol

  28. Wow, such a nice cock, great jercking off.
    His balls are so small, but his cock is great!!!

  29. Simon Rex made SEVERAL (more than one) JO vids for a company called Club 1821 (google it!) and their Young, Hard & Solo series. He does not have the best looking dick in the collection, by the way. They are still in business.

  30. Josh_Latta_is_cute | April 20, 2009 at 11:03 pm | Reply

    oh my god he is so great and moans good too

  31. What happened??
    Where are the pics?
    All I get are big empty white spaces where the uncensored pics are supposed to be.

  32. the video cant be seen

  33. i read somewhere that according to the director of this vid, simon was watching both straight and gay porn…how’s that!

  34. Just soooo nice, would love to be in between his legs

  35. Hey i Really Like Simon Rex Hes Cute And Cool im Bisexual Well More Homosexual but anyways gay or bi guys in canada add me to msn
    [email protected]

  36. Wow..
    That awesome.. gets me everytime.. had to excuse myself at work….. great.

  37. OMG is that really Simon Rex… im in love, lol

  38. I’ll tell you what, seeing clips like this gives me penis envy…

  39. So how come this was like, never a scandal for him?. I mean there he is….IN ALL HIS GLORY!

  40. I like too much


  42. Loves It! I forgot all about good old Simon. Nothing like a great flash back.

  43. Is he gay?

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