!! OMG, he’s naked: Stephen Dorff !!

The other night a friend of mine who had seen a press screening of Stephen Dorff‘s new film Shadowboxer was going on and on about Dorff’s naked semi-erection (and Macy Gray‘s ad-libbed lines), and I decided that between those two things, I had to see the film. How fortuitous then that I found this clip from the movie that let me see at least 50% of that equation, and an impressive 50% it is. Check out some stills after the jump [NSFW].


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24 Comments on "OMG, he’s naked: Stephen Dorff"

  1. Not the nicest guy in the world, but he has always looked good and a damn fine actor, wish he worked more. If you are wondering if the persistent gay rumors are true look for him out around his beach house.

  2. Such a great scene!

  3. I wonder what movie that is from. This guy is so hot damm!!!

  4. Definitely a nice cock.

  5. I really like this man I think hes hot I am watching immortals with this guy and Henry Cavill two sexy men. The one thing I am curious about is if hes whole or circumcised. most of the men who who up here are whole. I guess whole men are just more willing to show off their cocks then circumcised. I am circumcised but I really like natural cocks

  6. Big cock with condom-

  7. Grrrrrr, GIVE ME THAT BODY!

  8. Scottyontario,
    This was in the final version…it was in the one I saw on DVD.

  9. Is it a graphic sex scene?
    I thought he was above doing that kind of scene. Mind you he is definately an artistic sort you can never tell. At any rate it takes guts to show of your private parts like that. Very Brave!

  10. Don’t forget, he’s got a great ass too.

  11. Steven Dorf is so fu*king nasty and hot. Takes me back to this hot guy I used to fu*k in High School.
    I’ve been looking all over for a fan site for him, and this is so much more than I expected to see.
    I just saw him as a child in some Lifetime Camp, “Do you know the Muffin Man”-so now I feel like a total pedophile. Damn.
    Thank you!

  12. scottyontario | May 16, 2008 at 7:38 am | Reply

    too bad this did not make it into the final version

  13. True. He’s wearing a dom.
    A penis is a penis to me. They all look the same. That scene was funny. That chick is a piece of meat haha

  14. his penis is so sexy

  15. Well damn ! He’s shaved his chest, which is a shame ! IIRC, he’s quite furry and showed some of it in the first Blade flick.

  16. his penis is quite long

  17. i’ve always found him quite hot…and what a role model for safe sex…he’s wearing a condom…

  18. Victor:
    Taste is a matter of personal opinion 😉
    I don’t need glasses, my friend 😀


  19. Rick: Is that person on your link a man or a woman?! its kinda hard to tell. One thing is for sure, you need glasses if you think Stephen is not hot!!

  20. considering that it is only half-hard it is hard to tell. how hard is half-hard? as it is now, it looks mostly average. Nothing to be ashamed of, but there’s nothing indicating that it’s massive, either.

  21. two comments..if i may.
    rick…checked out the boy on your site. doesn’t hold a candle to dorf. i guess you have to be into twinks to like that type of kid.
    julie….if you think dorf has a teenie weenie….i am impressed with you girl….you must be getting some major sausage action, cause this weenie looks mighty fine to me.
    jack jett

  22. This really is an awful, awful man. I hope I will never see him anywhere on tv. brr. gives me the creeps.
    now this is more like it:
    (maybe not as famous as s.dorff, but 100 times more cute 😀


  23. Not only is he hott..but it looks like he has something going on down there. He can Shadowbox me anytime!

  24. Inny whee tiny pennie

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