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  1. Most white guys are “growers” as opposed to “showers”, and being naked on a movie set with so many people on the cast and crew milling around isn’t exactly conducive to a full, raging erection! He appears to be half-erect and while he still probably wouldn’t be “Mr. Big” at full arousal, I wouldn’t say his package is abnormally small.

  2. he has a cut cock but it is his ass that is important for him

  3. He has a well-proportioned body, does not have to a “size queen” at all for good sex,and he is cut as all Americans are:that is normal.OK:uncut would be best, but he is American, so you cannot avoid circumcision!

  4. He is very cute, cut or uncut, if you can be happy with who you are then it is business of anyone else. Me? I’m happy to be who I am and have never had an issue of how man looks, just as long as he is a decent human being…Jonathon you are hot!!!

  5. I Get So Tired Of Size Queen He Is A Very Handsome Guy!

  6. nice looking guy. i’m not being a size queen when i say his penis is on the small size. (yes, i know it may make a larger than expected erection.) but mostly, i’m finding it sadder and sadder to see poor guys who have had their natural foreskin cut off. the glans should only be exposed when erect. men deserve to have their genitals be able to go into repose, just as women do w their clitoral hood.

  7. Wow- he has a tiny penis. That has got to be one of the smallest penises I have ever seen. How embarrassing. Some things should be kept private.

    • He has a nick penis. I am sure he is a grower not a shower. Also, get out of here because his penis might not look big in those pics but I am sure if we looked at yours we could say it was basically non-exsistent so go fuck yourself you internet troll piece of shit

  8. creo que viendo el tamaño ya se quien tira y quien atrapa quisiera ver a zachary desnudo para mi el si es atractivo su mirada me gusta mucho me recuerda a un amigo que tiene sus mismos rasgos y creo que tambien esta en el closet

  9. We have all been spoiled since Spartacus aired, showing big muscles and even bigger cocks. I loved Jonathan in Glee and had a secret crush on him, after seeing this picture I’m completely lost again! Going to take a cold shower now.

  10. Oh my fucking god, I am SO jealous of the person who is holding his gorgeous dick in the second to last pic! I’d suck that thing for DAYS.

  11. Ese pene solo sirve para perder la virginidad…lastima tiene dos grandes defectos y acabo de descubrir el 2do :S

  12. I guess Zachary Quinto is not a size queen…

  13. is he cut or uncut?

  14. I know this isn’t really the point, but Ewan McGregor has done nude scenes. He’s quite well-endowed when flaccid. (Not that I think that only size matters.) Look up “Young Adam”.

  15. Jonathan, is fine. He is what most all non size queen guys have. I also do recall him from GLEE and wished a few more of his buddies would do this same thing for us all. But oh well one can dream right? Like one other poster said so well. It is the TOTAL PACKAGE not one part we all would rather have. And thous far Jonathan seems to have it. I would not in the least throw him out the door upon arrival at home. Sad more in 2011 do not see this. And keep the old joke alive.

  16. Shannons psychiatrist | November 10, 2011 at 3:04 pm | Reply

    I have to apologize for Shannons behavior. He is suffering from the big penis syndrom thereby thinking he has a gigantic penis even though he’s normal sized. To sustain his deranged illusion he has to degrade every normal sized penis.

  17. Nice. me gusta mucho. 😀

  18. Beautiful young man in perfect condition. (Sorry disillusioned size queens – I’d say that penis would function splendidly on all occasions.)

  19. PS For those who don’t know who Jonathan Groff is: In an earlier season of Glee, he had a recurring role as a devious star of a rival high school glee club. I first became aware of him in the Broadway production of the musical “Spring Awakening,” and later in the 2008 revival of “Hair” in NYC’s Central Park.

  20. I couldn’t agree more with Gregory Brown, about the worth of anyone who puts down someone for the size of their given endowment.

  21. Thank goodness. I am so sick of teasers who say they will go nude if the the right opportunity comes along and then they never do (Zach Efron, James Franco, etc). Ewen McGreggor has been stumbling onto the “right opportunities” for twenty years with no end in sight but the teasers can’t seem to find them. I would kiss this guy for hours.

  22. I think that anybody who comments negatively about the size of any man’s cock is a turd, at best. This is an attractive man, willing to share his private parts with us, and deserves thanks for that. Whether it is, in fact, an “accordian surprise” is totally irrelevant. He’s handsome and hot and I’m entirely happy with that.

  23. Rose and Shannon, I’m sure the size of your meat curtains more than compensates for any perceived shortcomings on the part of Mr. Groff.

  24. Yeah, I’m not sure who this guy is, but this made coming home from work even morrrrrre appealing 😀

  25. It’s obvious which posters actually have seen dick in real life, and which haven’t. Anyone who thinks that they can judge how bid a dick is when flaccid is unqualified to make any judgment.

  26. uh wait…who is this guy?

  27. Have any of you queens actually touched a dick? I’m sorry, but saying his dick is small is absolutely embarrassing for me because it makes me think that I’m a whore surrounded by a bunch of twats who don’t know that shit changes when it’s excited. Grow up. Stop being an internet twat just because you don’t get no play. Go get you a dick and watch it grow then write a biology paper on it fuck wads. That would be much more constructive than coming to this website to criticize some man’s package by saying it is small in its non-erect state. Stop being petty little bitches who don’t know no better. Biggest one I’ve seen in my life started out so small I thought I would cry but I digress.

  28. Well you see, the thing about penises is that they GROW when they’re erect, and are SMALLER when they’re not. Which some of you would know if you ever experienced one in real life. Idiots.

  29. i would so do him, i like the plain guys, lets face it how many of us a porn material

  30. Beautiful fella. Perfect!

  31. Now the hole, please

  32. mini meat, awww!

  33. His penis is TINY! I wouldnt be proud of that…..


  35. In the last 2 pictures, there is a watch on his arm, but not in the first 5. Are they the same or are the last two of someone else?

  36. I don’t find him that good looking but he has a pretty nice body

  37. I don’t find him that good looking but he has a pretty nice body

  38. The movie is Twelve Thirty not Twenty Thirty…

  39. No, he is NOT perfection. And that is what’s good. He is just average, normal. In shape but neither 6- nor 8 to 12 packed, with some birthmarks and moles and an average sized dick surrounded by pubes that are neither fluffed nor landscaped. Nice!

  40. Very nice! He even looks semi-hard in the one scene towards the end. Cute, nice body, sweet meat.

  41. Male with penis. Got it.

  42. Give the guy credit for not pulling one of those phony semi-nude scenes where you can’t tell if he’s really naked or even if he has a penis. Gotta take balls (no pun intended) to do a scene like this.

  43. adorable. so sexy.

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