!! OMG, his peen: L.A. Lakers star Ron Artest !!

It’s not rocket science — if you’re someone even remotely famous, don’t text nude pictures to strangers or else we might all end up seeing them. L.A. Lakers star Ron Artest is the latest celeb to be caught sexting a fan, and he’s not even denying it. Artest took to Twitter to say he wasn’t going to shell out any hush money, peen pic or not. Whoops. See the NSFW shot after the jump.

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11 Comments on "OMG, his peen: L.A. Lakers star Ron Artest"

  1. norman marigney | January 10, 2014 at 2:23 am | Reply

    it not about your johnson i just want to play a game of horse or around the world

  2. most black dudes are average size or small in this area, this isnt anything out of the ordinary for a typical everyday black dude, this is reality

  3. Wow that’s small. I expected more. What was she gonna shake him down for….money to buy him a vacuum pump to make it bigger? Hardyharhar

  4. Artest is hot, but is he black because that pee pee is awfully small, maybe it’s a grower, either way still good looking guy

  5. Pippa Pastrami | August 14, 2011 at 11:57 am | Reply

    It’s kinda small, not worth a shake down at all. You gotta be creepy to be texting genitalia pics anyway.

  6. He should have included her name and phone number in his messages … let her put up with some shit for a while.

  7. I’m glad he stood up but.. on the other hand he could have just denied it. How would anyone even know. I don’t see his face or anything tying the picture to him other than his comments.

  8. Damn, I thought it would be bigger than that!

  9. someone’s circumcisiiiseeeedddd yummy
    love cut cocks!

  10. Good for you Ron.
    That gold digging ho doesn’t deserve the money the guys pay her for actually working.

  11. Good for him for standing up and saying that, shooting down the obviously money hungry skank who tried to set him up…I’m not a fan of him, but I like this decision.

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