!! OMG, how cute: Cat in a rack !!

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I just learned that there is an entire category of photos that includes only cats down women’s shirts, nestled between their boobs, and in other compromising positions of the sort. It’s called “Cats ‘n’ Racks” and the one above is my very favorite.

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  1. That term was coined on CuteOverload.com. I was part of the comment thread where Meg started considering making that a category, and then she posted a pic I sent in and made it official. But then, MAN! You never heard such a kerfluffle! About half the people thought it was funny and/or made leering jokes about “lucky cat!”, and the other half had a complete cow about how OFFENSIVE this was! But Meg didn’t take it back, and I thought that was cool. She still gets crap whenever she posts a new C&R pic, too. :-/ Chill, people!

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