!! OMG, how cute: Dog affection !!

This little chihuahua can speak! No, not English… Just the Language of Love.

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4 Comments on "OMG, how cute: Dog affection"

  1. the most disgusting thing ive seen

  2. Makes me shudder to think what my Pug and Bulldog are doing when I’m not home… And really, would you want any more “kisses” from that little dog after seeing this? Not me…
    Sometimes I thank god that I can’t afford a camcorder.

  3. OMG! My pug and bulldog do this but I wouldn’t videotape it! Or maybe…

  4. Dude, what is with all the Dog Pr0n? It’s funny, but it freaks me out, yet I can’t look away, then it freaks me out that I can’t look away! AAAAH!

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