!! OMG, how emotional: Lily Tomlin & David O. Russell !!

I Heart Huckabees director David O. Russell‘s fiery temper has a reputation, but who knew that Lily Tomlin could hold her own so well in a fight? The two clashed more than once during the filming of Huckabees, and twice it was caught on tape. Watch the second, crazier clip after the jump.
UPDATE: YouTube has deleted these clips twice, so we’ll give Daily Motion a try. Enjoy!
UPDATE 2: It disappeared on Daily Motion, but cropped up again in Russia! Hopefully it will be around to stay this time.

(via Defamer)

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23 Comments on "OMG, how emotional: Lily Tomlin & David O. Russell"

  1. Lily Tomlin is an insane bitch. She deserved that reaction from David O. Russell. She was never a good actress (see “gem” performances like Popeye and the Incredible Shrinking Woman.) Whoever defends her behavior should see a psychiatrist. She’s a pain in the ass and you need to recognize that.

    This lowlife who called her a C*NT among other things came across as a sociopathic mysogynistic piece of shit who has no business directing anyone if he cannot direct his own behavior and conform to living on earth and working w/professional people.
    What a repulsive spoiled brat he was and forever he will be remembered this way on celluloid.
    Grow up loser.

  3. By the way, for more of the directirs crap check out the info in wikipedia about Clooney defending the crew on THree Kings, and Russels mature reaction

  4. The crew doesn’t defend here? I wonder why…..maybe they want to keep their jobs

  5. will this footage be in the DVD extras when it’s re-released? this is great publicity for a film i’d hoped to only see once. i now plan to buy this on HD-DVD. dammit. i’m a sucker for net marketing 🙂

    I see your coworkers really have balls of jello. You would think when David Russell became violent in the second clip someone would step in. You know jello does melt when heated…………LOL.

  7. jeff collins | March 29, 2007 at 2:30 pm | Reply

    Lilly Tomlin – I LOVE YOU MORE THAN EVER. You are a national treasure — a brilliant actor with a career to prove it. WHAT A FUCKING DICK O. RUSSELL is — he obviously has NO respect for actors — for the process — for talent. I hope these clips are seen by every studio exec in Hollywood. I hope O Russell never works again. Every exec I know ( I’m a producer) who has seen this clips feels the same way I do. He’s a director in over his head, unable to communicate, unable to understand the talents of the people he cast.
    Good for you Lilly!

  8. How can anyone fail to see that O. Russell is a COLOSSAL DICK?? Don’t blame Lily Tomlin for not suffering his abuse gladly. And the irony of screeching at her for being childish? You have to laugh at that. Her venting in the first clip was clearly built up from taking his shit. At least she had the fucking nerve to stand up to him.
    What a sad little man.

  9. Rewatching I noticed that Jason doesn’t even flinch when the director goes batshit & trashes the desk. He keeps his foot up on the desk & doesn’t move or speak. Meanwhile Dustin beats a hasty retreat. Jason doesn’t move until the end when the guy comes back in and starts calling her a cunt and flipping out. My guess is he walked away because he realized it wasn’t going to end quickly- lol

  10. I’m a Lily fan but I have to say she comes off crazy in the 1st clip & It seems like in clip 2 she drove him to flip out. Granted, his behavior was far from the norm… but you will notice that Jason (Schwartzman) never got up and tried to defend her or anything- and in all reality Dustin kept fairly quiet too except for the 8 words he said in the car.
    Lily seems nuts

  11. biron?
    the reason the crew doesn’t chime in . . . is because that’s not their job.
    its obviously an artistic difference. and they are certainly not hired to put in their two cents. if the fight became physical – one of them physically hitting the other – then yes, as humans they would jump in. but a director and a star having ‘words’? happens ALL the time on a set.
    and yes . . . film clips are taken out of context. some fault lily but most are faulting david for being a difficult directot in the first place. his history in hollywood has not been stellar in terms of relationships with his stars.

  12. you don’t really know the whole context for the blow up on either side…hers or his….but i would agree that as a director…you are the “father figure” everyone looks up to for guidance. actors can be very flighty themselves, as most of us are aware. so i guess this whole thing should really be just chalked up as just as entertaining as the movies themselves….they all make enough money….many way more than they deserve, for acting… i stress…acting like adults!!!

  13. Lily has not won an Oscar. Tonys and Emmys, but no Oscar.

  14. well that is about as mortifying as it gets.

  15. what are people talking about here? they make the director the villain. Are you all completely mad? So she’s won an Oscar. Who gives a flying f…? She’s a spoilt bitch and deserved everything he gave her. Who’d want to hire that dried up has-been after seeing this? I hope no one.

  16. I am publishing a new book on Lily Tomlin. I worked with her in 1992-1993. The chapter previews will be on my website evielitwok.com and some videos are up on youtube at dogentertainment. Lily has been able to maintain a “nice” image – She was neither nice noe generous to many people. This video is more more the Lily I knew.

  17. Damn! Who keeps letting this guy do movies. If it was me I’d fucking sue his ass! She’s an OSCAR winning actress… girl you should’ve kicked him in the balls… I mean ur a woman, no 1 would’ve done nothin’ to u!!! He’s just mad because he’s on the other side of the camera!!! Probably cuz he’s UGLY!

  18. woo hoo….you go girl! lol

  19. Geezus! Who would think that after an oscar and establishing a comic legend that you’d have to be talked to by a smarmy director this way? I’d tell him to stick his movie up his ass. He’s telling HER to grow up? A director is supposed to set the mood for the entire cast & crew and he throws a tantrum like that and calls her a c? What a jerk!

  20. I love how he just comes out of the set door all of a sudden. SO dramatic. Isabelle Huppert is so hot.

  21. Whaaaat? You lie. YouTube is such shit now. That old PBS special, “Desperate Lives” starring Helen Hunt has even been removed. Who the fuck even owns the rights to that and why do they care? Jesus.

  22. Lily Tomlin is my fifth grade teacher’s cousin.

  23. Fuuuuuuck these videos are gone! I wanted to see that. I loved Lily in David O. Russell’s other movie, Flirting with Disaster.

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