!! OMG, how insensitive: Marsha Blackburn !!

Republican talking point robot/Tennessee Representative Marsha Blackburn is so obsessed with an ad placed in The NY Times by MoveOn.org that she forgets she should probably know the name of the last soldier from her district killed in Iraq, especially considering her claim that she “works closely with military families every day.” (via Feyfriends)

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5 Comments on "OMG, how insensitive: Marsha Blackburn"

  1. i wish more reporters would pressure our leaders to describe their stances and views, both on the right and the left. maybe they would think a bit more about their votes, etc. if they thought somebody with a tv camera was paying attention.

  2. As it turns out, folks, the soldier Shuster cited wasn’t from Blackburn’s district. And his “apology” was lacking a certain, uh, sincerity. Shocker.

  3. Not to digress too greatly, but when can we expect OMG, He’s Naked: David Shuster? That’s nice.

  4. Oh wow, another uninformed, ignorant, stupid, arrogant Republican cunt. What a total surprise!

  5. David Shuster nailed that ignorant, arrogant woman good. She is so full of fake outrage, like the rest of the Republican party, about MoveOn.Org. I love to see hyprocisy exposed like this! We live in a free country people we can call the military whatever we want.

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