!! OMG, how not candid: Alberto Gonzales !!

Watch the above video, and should you agree with the folks at Brave New Films that Attorney General Gonzales should be shown the door, you can make your voice heard right here.

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2 Comments on "OMG, how not candid: Alberto Gonzales"

  1. You’ve got to hand it to Ashcroft – he wouldn’t do this thing though he was under tremendous pressure by Bush and Gonsales to do it. I don’t know if it had anything to do with the man’s principles – more than likely just knowing that that such an egregious move would surely be detected by the press and the senate.
    We thought we had met all the truly sleazy players in the Bush administration – we used to think that this one was just Machiavellian with an immense disrespect for the Constitution. But he is a sleaze to beat all sleazes too, plus a very very bad liar. Impeach the bastard.

  2. That is ridiculous. “I don’t remember” was the excuse we used in preschool when the teachers asked us why we did something.

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