!! OMG, how Raven: Raven Simone !!

She is no longer a girl, but not yet capable of applying lip gloss only to her mouth. Not only does the ever-entrepreneurial Raven Simone have a psychic-themed video game under her belt:
She is now tackling Maxim-style photoshoots! Here is a tiny sample:
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13 Comments on "OMG, how Raven: Raven Simone"

  1. i love raven so much. alot of ppl say that we look alike and stuff i think that is great that we look alike. i love that girl so much and f#$k all ya’ll hater’s that hate she still makin money while ya’ll sit up there and hate. peace

  2. She is SCURRY! I seriously want to cry when her show comes on. So SO so so scurry.

  3. I would like to make a Fashion Arrest

  4. Honestly, I’m just glad that she lost that weight!

  5. lmao. .

  6. She looks so bored.

  7. Pitiful….just…pitiful.

  8. that orange dress… yikes!

  9. Here is my two cents (in order of the photos from top to bottom)…
    1.The photo with the black top and grass clippings is alluring with just the right facial expression. The gaze is right but something seems to be a little off about the upper lip. Lighting?
    2. The tangerine dress is overwhelming. Looks too much like dress-up time, especially with the black leggings. Nice dresses and leggings go together like merlot and McDonald’s. The pose also looks a little awkward. The leg looks all wrong just jutting out onto the hillside.
    3. Too much forehead and a pouty look that is supposed to be sensual but leaves her looking like she just smelled a dirty gas station bathroom.
    4. Delicious! This photo is one of an ingenue. She has a sense of mystery that is pure diva. She sorta reminds me of Stacey Dash from the Clueless days… I would only have her looking a little less out into the distance and ask her to relax the eyebrows a tad.
    5. Too much like a little girl who is mugging for the camera at one of those creepy pageants.
    6. Throw away the earrings, belt and cut the sleeves of that dress. All of that and the pattern are too overwhelming. Her expression and the background would glow more if not for all the busy crap in the photo.

  10. I like the orange crepe paper outfit–she looks like she’s getting ready to mate with The Great Pumpkin.

  11. OMG Homegirl is growing up fast!She seems like a nice, sweet girl, but who knows she could be a major
    Beyotch. Pretty and full figured. Keep eating those twinkies girl we got enough skinny bitches already!

  12. OMG, what happened to her face?

  13. I don’t even know where to begin.

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