!! OMG, it’s over: ‘The OC’ !!

So much has happened since summer 2003. I’ve changed, you’ve changed, Marissa Cooper changed and then got thrown from a speeding car to her death. Seth Cohen has fortunately not become any less cute, but I think we can agree things are radically different now. Just look at this blog. My very first post about The OC back in September, 2003 didn’t even have a picture, plus I went on and on about how great an actress Mischa Barton is. That’s quite an eye-opener.
Now Mischa is off the show and it’s being cancelled by Fox. There is a Fox-sanctioned petition to save it, but I imagine it will be no use. When the networks make up their minds and the official announcement comes from the executive producer, you can pretty much call it dead. Then again, there are rumors of the show moving to the CW minus some of the major talent, which probably means no Seth, and hence no reason to watch.
Yes, I think it’s time to start mourning in earnest, unless you want to take part in the “four days of activism” to save the show that start January 8.
Goodbye, Seth and Summer. We will always have the memories. And the DVDs.

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2 Comments on "OMG, it’s over: ‘The OC’"

  1. its not cancelled, because Willa Holland did an interview with and Aus mag and they said they are doing season six and shes gonna be the main character (caitlin cooper)

  2. Well, much like Topher Grace of “That 70’s Show”, I think Adam Brody can look forward to a career of straight-to-video movies. Or maybe he’ll end up in gay porn, down the road. Who knows? The skies the limit!

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