!! OMG, listen to this: A$AP Rocky featuring Gesaffelstein ‘In Distress’ !!

Gesaffelstein@WH - 03.jpg
French techno producer Gesaffelstein is rooting his fingers deep into the hip-hop world. First, a collaboration with Kanye on Yeezus, now with A$AP Rocky!
Now, normally when an electronic producer brings their “sound” to hip-hop it ends up sounding like an over-produced and auto-tuned MESS from the likes of David Guetta, but Gesaffelstein brings his dark techno sensibility to ‘In Distress‘ (for the soundtrack for the upcoming movie Divergent), and leaves the cheesey vibes out of it! His style is far more conducive to someone who’s rapping. Check out their evil little collaboration below!

[via complex]

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