!! OMG, she can wrinkle her forehead: Nicole Kidman !!

Take that, paparazzi! Nicole Kidman doesn’t use any botox, just like she says. Look how easy it is for her to make a facial expression! I hope she didn’t burst a blood vessel making that crazy face at the Australian premiere of The Golden Compass. (via WOW Report)

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4 Comments on "OMG, she can wrinkle her forehead: Nicole Kidman"

  1. I agree with you guys…She’s still pretty anyway…

  2. yes! leave Nicole Kidman alone. She can do whatever she wants. oh, and FUCK PEREZ. hating bastard.

  3. lol, now that is just mean

  4. I wish you guys would leave Nicole Kidman alone. So what if she DOES use Botox? Lots of stars and ordinary people alike do it. All the other blog sites like Dlisted and Perez are always making fun of her. Now OMGblog too… Sad.

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