!! OMG she’s gigantic: J-Lo !!

Jennifer Lopez is pregnant with twins, but that doesn’t explain why she looks like Ursula. Girlfriend should be at home in bed, not out walking around with one of her poor unfortunate souls. Oh, that’s Marc Anthony? Never mind.

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5 Comments on "OMG she’s gigantic: J-Lo"

  1. initially i thought, give her break!!! but with the pic of urshla next to j-lo in that dress im like, “oh, ok” lol

  2. Don’t insult Ursula. At least she has talent and can sing. Ok, she’s fake but so is that vile disgusting home-wrecking filthy no talent slut J-ho!

  3. “Poor Unfortunate Souls”, much like many a J-Lo melody, is a gay bar standard… at least at Sidetrack in Chicago. So that’s why she looks like Ursula: The gays of Chicago willed it to happen.

  4. you’re right marc does look like those shriveled soul people in the little mermaid

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