8 Comments on "OMG, she’s naked: Sharon Stone"

  1. I viewed the first instinct in 1995, it recalled my pressed motion, I like it. though she make some titl words to China earthquake recent days, I still think she is a qaulified actress only.

  2. I think sharon stone is only a bitch she show herself naked to everyone in the world she always get fucked with the most ugly men in hollywood .. she is only a whore and she can’t deny it

  3. Real boobs flatten out when you lay flat on your back – hers don’t, but they still look spectacular. I’ve always thought she was a beautiful woman, even pre-surgeries, which made her look nice but she was nice before she had them done. I also love the way they filmed her in Basic Instinct – there are certain shots of her in that film I still can’t get out of my mind.

  4. How can people tell if they’re fake? They look real to me.

  5. I guess I’m just terminally gay.
    As hot as Sharon Stone is, she just doesn’t do anything for me.
    I like her though, as an actress.
    P.S. I thought this was supposed to be a GAY website. You’re not switching teams on us are you, Frank?

  6. She looks like she could use some sun screen

  7. They’re fake, but – damn – she looks good for almost 50.

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