!! OMG, the anxiety: Meredith Vieira !!

No one ever told Today Show host Meredith Vieira that life on daytime television was easy. You have so many worries, including fan mail:

I could see 10 great letters and then the next one that comes up that says ‘I can’t stand you’ is the only one I’ll remember. It’s horrible. I don’t really have a thick skin. I think it’s gotten thinner, actually.

And bridges during your commute:

When I have a lot of anxiety . . . I can’t cross bridges. So I think a couple of times [my family] thought, ‘Oh my God, what’s the matter with her? She’s driving on the bridge saying she hates her job. You know. I hope she doesn’t make a quick right midstream.’

But the hardest thing since she left The View is not saying “vagina” on-air, though I swear Matt Lauer has said it a few times:

I have to rein it in a bit, being like, ‘Uh, v-v-v . . .’ – stopping myself when I’m about to say ‘vagina.’ [And] I find myself thinking, OK, just say, ‘Hi, Matt.’ Don’t say, ‘Hi, Penis Head,’ or whatever,” Vieira says. “That was something you could get away with on ‘The View.’

These are all responses during Meredith’s interview with Ladies’ Home Journal, of all publications. Perhaps waking up at 3am every day for work has taken its toll on poor Meredith’s verbal filter? (via WOW Report)

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5 Comments on "OMG, the anxiety: Meredith Vieira"

  1. Dude, Kevin Spacey built a replica of a Star Trek Voyager set in his place.

  2. Meredith is a woman that would do it for me, that’s a lot coming from a gay guy lol

  3. FernLaPlante | April 2, 2007 at 4:09 pm | Reply

    She irritates me on Today. She acts like the “cool mom” trying to fit in but it doesn’t work.

  4. The hardest thing for her is to not say vagina –
    What are they talking about on daytime tv that she feels the need to say Vagina all the time?

  5. Since day one of the view, I have had a thing for Meredith. She is the only female celeb I have ever found sexy. She is so WOMAN. Earth mother and sex kitten. I am such a sucker for a bawdy broad and she is a “broad” for sure.

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