!! OMG, the beautiful burnout: TRUST’s ‘Capitol’ Video !!

TRUST‘s Robert Alfons has released the video for Capitol off of TRUST‘s second album Joyland.
At first watch, I thought this must most definitely be about a babe who unknowingly snacks on her brother’s pot brownies, and then trips her balls off watching TV by herself in the basement all afternoon while her parents are out! I wasn’t far off:

“For me, the song created its own surreal world of floating dreams and I wanted to capture that feeling in the video. The goal was to achieve a slightly timeless look with vintage-style visual effects created via a combination of practical lighting effects and VFX created in post” says Alfons. Adding that the song is: “Gazing, scenic, living out the fantasy in your head. In flight fascination, and the beautiful burnout.”

Check out the newest video from TRUST above and pick up the new album HERE!

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