!! OMG, Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant says Taylor Swift does not have “famous songs”, music is ‘disappointing’ !!

Music legend Neil Tennant of the Pet Shop Boys has thoughts about Miss Taylor, and while he actually seems pretty nice about them… he’s honest!

“Taylor Swift sort of fascinates me as a phenomenon because she’s so popular, and I sort of quite like the whole thing, but then when I listen to the records … for a phenomenon as big [as she is], where are the famous songs? What’s Taylor Swift’s ‘Billie Jean’?”…

“I like the fact that it brings all these people together, even multigenerational, but I think the one disappointing thing is the music — not the lyrics, the music,” he said.

We tend to agree with Neil. After all, isn’t that what makes her music so accessible to the most basic of the population?

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12 Comments on "OMG, Pet Shop Boys’ Neil Tennant says Taylor Swift does not have “famous songs”, music is ‘disappointing’"

  1. He’s right though. She is talented but that is not what has made her so famous. She is just very good at marketing, jumping on social justice trends and using them to her own advantage. She developed the persona of the victim very early in her career which makes her fans both devoted in protecting her and then celebrating her when she ‘overcomes’ her challenges. But it’s all a carefully constructed illusion. She is one of the most privileged people on the planet but has managed to make millions of dim people on minimum wage pity her. That’s what is so impressive. The music is mildly catchy but will not last decades.

  2. Taylor’s “music” is like elevator music with words or children’s songs for adults.

  3. She should say back to him “Tell me what have I, what have I, what have I done to deserve this?” LOL

  4. I think some of you people make an effort to be insulted on her behalf. Taylor won’t care. He’s not saying he hates her. There’s no hatred in there anywhere. He’s saying, in his opinion, that she’s not a great musician like Michael Jackson or Billy Joel or Freddie Mercury or Elton John. And yes, she is very popular and extremely rich, he admitted as much. It’s not about that.

  5. Why is it news every single time someone says they don’t respond to Taylor Swift’s music?

  6. I Feel The Same! Beyonce Too. Now Whitney Houston, I Know Every Song. Hell I Even Know Her Diet Coke, National Anthem & At&t Commercials!

  7. Why doesn’t he look at Taylor’s earnings, concert attendance and Grammys and then get back to us….

  8. She is completely over rated

  9. I agree with him…

  10. 100% Agree!!
    She’s not a great singer, song-writer, or melodist. She’s ok, but not even close to being worth the hype. (And horrible at dancing.)
    What does she have…? Well, she’s white, not overtly sexual, and brilliant at self-promotion.

  11. The Taylor hate machine keeps rolling on and on. I wish Neil had kept quiet about this. It makes him look desperate. The whole aging pop star picking on a current young hot performer. It reeks of desperation. It is no different when 60’s and 70’s rock dinosaurs would make fun on the synth bands in the 80’s. Of course Swift haters will claim they don’t know a single song, but I think it’s BS. Taylor alone has over 110 top 40 hits in the US and 40 top 40 hits in the UK. This lady is a global superstar. She is on the top of her game. I’m not a huge fan (altho I do love her Reputation album). Of course people go out of their way to despise her, popularity always breeds contempt. Move on, this topic has been done to death all over social media.

    • Nah. Her success just makes those who don’t like her wonder if something is wrong with them for not liking her stuff. She’s got no right being as big as she is. I haven’t liked her since she came on the scene singing pop country.

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