!! OMG, Happy Pride Month: Naked Gay Actors, 2020 Edition !!

Dyllon Burnside and Billy Porter nude

Dyllon Burnside and Billy Porter in ‘Pose’

For Pride Month, we’re rounding up some of our favorite out-and-proud actors to strip down on screen. From Dyllon Burnside’s sexy scenes in Pose to Félix Maritaud’s super explicit scenes in the critically acclaimed Sauvage/Wild, this is a list to be proud of.

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Matt Riddlehoover nude10 – Matt Riddlehoover in Watch Out
Brokeback? Never heard of her. Moonlight? Who she? Critical darling Watch Out features a scene in which Matt Riddlehoover strokes his erect penis to completion while fingering himself using single-serving butter packets as lube.
Ricky Martin nude9 – Ricky Martin in American Crime Story
After Ricky Martin came out in 2010 fans had to wait eight years to see his sweet tight ass during a naughty gay scene in American Crime Story.
Dyllon Burnside nude8 – Dyllon Burnside in Pose
Pose isn’t wanting for sexy LGBTQ actors, bu Dyllon Burnside takes the cake (cake, cake, cake) when he shows off his perfect ass to bone down living gay legend Billy Porter.
Ian McKellen nude7 – Ian McKellen in Priest of Love
Did you know that decades before Ian’s iconic role in The Lord of the Rings he was just a hot hung redhead splashing around in the ocean?
Jonny Beauchamp nude6 – Jonny Beauchamp in Penny Dreadful
Jonny’s legendary dick reveal on Penny Dreadful will go down as one of the most iconic nude scenes in television history.
Jay Brannan nude in Shortbus5 – Jay Brannan, PJ DeBoy, and Paul Dawson in Shortbus
Every gay remembers where he was when he first masturbated to Shortbus, and we have this trio of tastiness to thank. They boldly perform an unsimulated gay threeway including a rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner that all sports games should open with.
Matt Bomer nude4 – Matt Bomer in The Normal Heart
The gorgeous Matt Bomer has no problem stripping down on screen, but his best nudity has to be in The Normal Heart, where he gets gay with daddy Mark Ruffalo in bed.
Jay Davidson nude3 – Jaye Davidson in The Crying Game
The word “legendary” comes to mind when describing Jaye Davidson in The Crying Game. He became the first openly gay black Oscar nominee thanks to his bold performance as a trans woman. Plus he dared to go full frontal in one of the most controversial scenes in Hollywood history.
Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey nude sex scene Looking2 – Jonathan Groff and Russell Tovey in Looking
This super realistic sex scene featuring two of the most bangable out actors is… basically porn. Sorry not sorry. It just doesn’t get any better than this sweaty fork fest complete with ample grunting and manly thrusting.
Felix Maritaud nude in Sauvage1 – Félix Maritaud in Sauvage/Wild
Or does it. The hottest nude scene featuring a gay actor goes to Frenchie Félix Maritaud in Sauvage/Wild. Yes in one scene he takes a buttplug the size of a toaster. Yes in another scene he injects drugs into his hard penis. But we’re really loving this particularly handsy visit to a naughty doctor. Wild!

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3 Comments on "OMG, Happy Pride Month: Naked Gay Actors, 2020 Edition"

  1. Yet again OMGBlog figures out how to be an ad for the pay site Mr. Man….click on any picture and you don’t get a larger version, you get re-directed to Mr. Man and an offer to sign up. I wonder if this blog is run by the same people.

  2. The Pose scene was yuk.

  3. You could have also shown Jonathan Groff from the movie 12:30. He does a full-frontal sexy walk across the room right after a sweaty run. Even though his character is straight in that movie and lots of straight sex scenes, the post-running scen was very hot.

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