!! OMG, Sam Smith, a Gregorian choir and… Sharon Stone(!?) perform ‘Gloria’ live on SNL !!

Unexpected!? Artistically bold? Sharon Stone!!!? YES! – To all of the above.

Check out Sam Smith‘s performance on SNL this past weekend of Gloria after the jump!

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11 Comments on "OMG, Sam Smith, a Gregorian choir and… Sharon Stone(!?) perform ‘Gloria’ live on SNL"

  1. Not really good. Too bad, no wardrobe malfunction for Sharon Stone.

  2. I thought the music was amazing. Something different for Sam. I’m not entirely sure why Sharon was there, though. Kind of a performance piece, I guess? I could have done without the reclining woman. I gave up watching SNL a long time ago. I just don’t find most of it funny.

  3. Who is demanding more Sam Smith in this world? And OMG, why is Sharon Stone 1. in this and 2. looking like she is trying to fart near the end?

    This world makes less and less sense everyday.

  4. Love SNL, hate Sam Smith. Gave this a shot anyway when watching the show and quickly found the fast forward button.

  5. I, too, expected the pop hit “Gloria.” Anyone remember Sharon was in the remake of John Cassavette’s “Gloria”? Long out of print and not streaming. It was decent. Jeremy Northam took off his trousers.

  6. It’s just one awful performance after another for Smith nowadays.

  7. I was distracted by the end, just waiting for Sharon’s right breast to pop the rest of the way out.

  8. Antifaqueen, I had hoped for the same thing.

  9. Elsewhere it’s been reported that Sharon Stone just showed up and took over the sofa.

  10. I set aside my normal aversion to rapidly flee the room anytime SNL is on, but this number is by far the best thing I have seen in DECADES on that mess.

    Wow! Chills!

  11. I fully expected the Laura Branigan hit.

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