!! OMG, he’s cooking up something SPICY: YouTube chef Franco Noriega !!

Franco Noriega has realized the sad truth about the year 2016! As a model-chef, it doesn’t really matter if your food tastes good! Infact, most will never ever know. It could taste like stale Kraft dinner – who cares – but what IS important is to plant those THIRST TRAPS on Instagram! Free your D-stem, Franco! Show them what it TAKES! Check out his latest works after the NSFW jump!

CLICK TO ENLARGE! And check out Franco’s other frontal here.

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13 Comments on "OMG, he’s cooking up something SPICY: YouTube chef Franco Noriega"

  1. He obviously very attractive but what is he like as a person? He looks like he has a nice thick cock. I would love to see ALL of him.

  2. Well, thanks for not shaving the chest in the first picture.

  3. is he cockless?

  4. how is he naked? and what a tool.


  6. Peruvian Zoolander.

  7. Yeah yeah he’s hot. But once he opens his mouth, it’s a total boner killer.

  8. This guy needs to get over himself. That slow motion full body “sexy” shot……major cheese factor

  9. joe’s comment was just too funny!!!!!

  10. Slut looks like he never goes near food. Or at least he never puts it in his mouth. And is that Ursula Andress-looking guy what you get for being in a kitchen? I’ll stay in the buffet line, thank you.

  11. So many thoughts.
    1. Is he gay?
    2. Is he available?
    3. How is it fair that people look like that?

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