!! OMG, why not wear it? Troye Sivan x Tom Ford and other dream fashion collaborations we want to see in 2024 !!

Troye Sivan x Tom Ford fantasy fashion collab

Left: Troye Sivan; right: A look from the Tom Ford 2019 collection

As we digest the general WTF-ness of 2023 and adjust mindsets for the new year, let one thing still ring true: Fashion collaborations are forever.

But instead of them merely being about a streetwear line making its mark on a high fashion collection, Crocs continuing to eviscerate our eyeballs, or a money-grab mega-brand “hack” a la Gucci and Balenciaga, perhaps this notion can instead imply the aesthetic interplay between two style savants—creative folks coming together to craft not merely lewks, but enduring concepts.

Think Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy’s popularization of the LBD, or Roy Halston and Elsa Peretti ushering in the haute disco diva.

Check out four dream fashion collabs to cross our fingers for in 2024 after the jump!

Troye Sivan x Tom Ford

Though he made his runway debut in 2023 walking for Miu Miu, Troye Sivan’s luxury twink sensibility is perfectly in-step with the slinky vision of snob zaddy, Tom Ford.

Sivan’s known for sensuous, mildly risk-taking gestures on the red carpet, and a moody blue look he wore from the now defunct label Sies Marjan in 2020, seen above, really channeled the non pareil energy of Ford’s Gucci era.

Tom Ford 2019

I would foresee their partnership producing an array of covetable pajama-for-day ensembles, as well as making silk as commonly-worn a fabric as cotton.

Martha Stewart x Mad By Mad

Martha Stewart Cooking School Season 5 Arabian Gulf

Designer Mata Durikovic of the brand Mad By Mad made a splash at London Fashion Week in 2022 by dishing out a collection of edible garments and accessories with flavours like lemon; but what if the qween of culinary savvy herself, mother Martha, did some recipe development for the label?

Brussels sprout bustiers, pork chop cargo pants, roast beef bias-cut dresses… The list could go on and the serves would be endless.

Plus, we could anticipate a range of munchie-specific pieces like a Snickerdoodle skirt!

Julia Fox x Richard Quinn

We’ve seen so, SO much of newly-minted author and meta-muse Julia Fox in recent years, which is why the supreme plot twist of 2024 would be her forging a connection with cheeky London-based creative Richard Quinn.


The union wouldn’t be *that* much of a stretch; Quinn’s past penchant for BDSM-y silhouettes and vampy vinyl layering would mesh well with Fox’s former life as a dominatrix.

And we all know the girlies love a floral—one of Quinn’s sartorial signatures. Julia’s vibe would also lend a bit of New York edge to Quinn’s more prim designs, making it the most potent trans-Atlantic crossover since punk.

Lil Nas X x Christopher John Rogers

Lil Nas X loves to embody a character when it comes to event dressing, whether it’s as a Swarovski crystal-encrusted space nymph at the 2023 MET Gala or in Carol Channing bridal cosplay at the VMAs while wearing the label Palomo Spain (seen above).

May I suggest that the next move be made as a psychedelic Truman Capote swan done up in Christopher John Rogers’ sublime suiting? After all, why not rile up rednecks even more by taking the mood from old town road to uptown girl!

What fashion collabs would you love to see in 2024? Leave a comment below!

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