!! Sheena Easton’s website is very informative !!

Sheena Easton still has enough fans for someone out on the Internet to ask her questions. And fortunately for us, her manager Harriet is all too happy to answer them, though she proves to be a woman of few words. A small sampling of the fascinating tidbits from Sheena’s official website:

Are there any plans for a new CD or new DVD?

Possibly a DVD, nothing definite. Don’t ask for release dates.
Did Sheena ever smoke cigarettes?
What are Sheena’s favorite meals to prepare herself for her family?
Has Sheena ever considered writing an auto-biography?
Does Sheena have a current recording contract?
Did Sheena ever meet Sean Connery?
Has Sheena seen Tina Turner perform live?
I believe so

(via PCJ)
It makes you wonder what having lunch with Harriet is like, though I think it’s pretty clear what having sex with her would be like.

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  1. HUBBA HUBBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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