!! OMG, get in on it: How to start an OnlyFans !!

For one reason or another, you may have thought about starting an OnlyFans page in order to make a little extra cash. Maybe you’ve dreamed of being featured in the OMG.BLOG Candy section?

Look no further: We’ve created this tutorial with our friends at MyQueerFans.com who have reviewed over 100 OnlyFans accounts and have a pretty good idea of what works.

Starting your OnlyFans is the easy part, but making money takes time and persistence. That’s why we have list of 8 helpful tips to get you started and find your following.

After the NSFW jump, learn how to attract subscribers, create enticing content and most importantly, cash in!


!! OMG, nostalgic candy: Goodbye Seventies !!

Goodbye Seventies, hello nudity! This 2020 independent drama from director Todd Verow whisks audiences back to the golden age of adult film. The movie follows a young gay chorus performer living in New York City who suffers a tragic accident that renders him unable to perform… on stage, not in the bedroom.

He decides to turn lemons into a sweet body of work by rounding up all of his besties to cash in on the adult film craze sweeping New York City at the time.

Goodbye Seventies has some of 2020’s best group male nudity and we have it all after the NSFW jump!


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