!! Televangelist equates Mitt Romney with Satan !!

Republican Presidential contender Mitt Romney is still having trouble winning over some of those evangelical Christian voters because of his Mormon faith. Televangelist Bill Keller (pictured above with a book, presumably the Bible) has said “A vote for Romney is a vote for Satan.”
Maybe Mr. Keller should watch this cartoon Mormon story of creation to educate himself a bit before making such broad statements:

And of course, the real reason to vote for Mitt: He cannot tell a lie.

(via Bad Shape)

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4 Comments on "Televangelist equates Mitt Romney with Satan"

  1. That guy doesnt LOOK she he should be a presidental canidate, lol.

  2. Thanks!!! Now I know whi I’m viting for!!!

  3. OMG! I remember that commercial with the teacher and kids!

  4. That cartoon distorts a lot of mormon beliefs. Thats just great. Thanks

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