!! OMG, This woman told society to ‘f*ck it’ with her facial hair, and we’re absolutely here for it !!

A Danish woman from Copenhagen named Eldina Jaganjac, a 31-year-old tutor from Denmark, has decided to say F*CK IT to society’s expectation of women, and let her shit all GROW OUT!

Eldina became more and more frustrated by the expectations that were laid upon women in this age, even more so when it came to men who could just freely go around without the fear of being judged and without touching a single hair on their own bodies.

Jaganjac dropped all the formalities when she decided to completely stop plucking her eyebrows and upper lip hair back in March of 2020, and soon realized that it made no difference to how she felt, as she found herself feeling just as feminine regardless of the “extra” hair on her body.
However, soon enough, Eldina found that sporting a unibrow and additional facial hair might’ve been a blessing in disguise as it helped her to “weed out” “conservative” people she wouldn’t want to be around anyway, as most of them are immediately put off by her unique looks.

WERK! We love that way of thinking. Check out more of Eldina’s glamour after the jump! We LIVE!


[via boredpanda]

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9 Comments on "OMG, This woman told society to ‘f*ck it’ with her facial hair, and we’re absolutely here for it"

  1. Imagine how conditioned we are to expect women to be as smooth as a baby that people lose their sh*t when then see a woman not aiming to please. Oh the society…

  2. PAUL RICHARDS | March 6, 2021 at 7:55 pm | Reply

    yawn. do whatever but don’t expect others to care

  3. Is it too much? Perhaps, but if she’s happy with the way she looks, that’s all that matters. Maybe one day she’ll change her mind, and that would still be fine… I think the unibrow suits her!

  4. Frida Kahlo is SHAKING

  5. Some guys like a full bush.

  6. She looks terrible.

  7. Its her right not to be attractive. True

  8. She be ugly, but if she is lazy her problem

  9. It’s her right to do that. However it’s a guys right to not be attracted to that. The guys who turn her down should be condemned for it.

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