!! OMG, these are the Top Ten Steamiest Nude Scenes of 2019 so far !!

Giacomo Ferrara and Aleph Viola in Suburra: Blood on Rome

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WARNING: Only view this list if you are in a boner-safe environment!

2019 has already been one of the hottest years for television and movie nudity ever, and in celebration of all the D&A (dick and ass, natch!) we’re rounding up the definitive list of the top ten most boner-inducing nude scenes of 2019… so far

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The Top 10 is below. Watch the entire playlist here.

Connor Swindells in Sex Education10) Connor Swindells in Sex Education
We would have loved if the raunchy teen comedy series Sex Education featured a real fat uncut member for this scene, but even a prosthetic can’t distract from Connor’s ripe fuzzy peach as seen in front of a cafeteria full of onlookers!

Ricky Whittle in American Gods9) Ricky Whittle in American Gods
There’s nothing little about Whittle’s sexy muscular ass! American Gods brought us an epic gay sex scene in season one, and season two doesn’t disappoint when Ricky flaunts every inch of his smooth, delish backside after getting out of bed.

Michael Luwoye in She’s Gotta Have It8) Michael Luwoye in She’s Gotta Have It
We’ve gotta have it – Michael’s hot butt that is! During this lengthy and passionate sex scene he thrusts like no one’s watching. There’s just something about seeing a beautiful man masterfully doing his thing in the sac that gets us all hot slash bothered.

Ryan Corr in Bloom7) Ryan Corr in Bloom
This series comes from Down Under, and in an epic two-minute-long opening sequence, we see Ryan Corr’s own Down Under – his slow-motion jiggling ass meat! He’s such a hot daddy, and we hope that in a future episode his public nudity turns to pubic nudity. WUT.

Avan Jogia and Max Marshall in Now Apocalypse6) Avan Jogia and Max Marshall in Now Apocalypse
This show is filled with plenty of hot gay moments, but what could beat the gorgeous Avan Jogia banging Max Marshall on the edge of the bed? He’s sweaty from the rough ass pounding, and we even see his own butt as he hurries to put on pants. What’s the rush?

Giacomo Ferrara and Aleph Viola in Suburra: Blood on Rome5) Giacomo Ferrara and Aleph Viola in Suburra: Blood on Rome
If you enjoy the finer things in life, then you know that side banging is tops. Or bottoms! With this passionate and intimate scene you can practically feel the pleasure as Giacomo thrusts deep inside the horny Aleph.

Drew Van Acker in Life Like4) Drew Van Acker in Life Like
Drew plays one half of a married couple that enlists a sexy robot (Steven Strait) to help around the house. SPOILER: He also helps Drew get off! One of our fav scenes is when Drew shows off his super smooth ass and hawt tan line in broad daylight. See Drew’s gay scene with Steven Strait right here!

Brian Jordan Alvarez and Ryan O’Connell in Special3) Brian Jordan Alvarez and Ryan O’Connell in Special
This groundbreaking semi-autobiographic series from Ryan O’Connell is based on his life as a gay man thriving with cerebral palsy. It gets props for delivering one of the most realistic gay sex scenes ever when the super cute Brian Jordan Alvarez tenderly talks Ryan through his inaugural bottoming experience!

Anthony T. Solano in Jett2) Anthony T. Solano in Jett
Anthony dares to bare all in this unforgettable frontal scene! He walks towards the the camera with his fat soapy cock and balls slapping against his thighs. So soapy. So slappy. Wait, where were we?

Jacob Elordi and Friends in Euphoria1) Jacob Elordi and Friends in Euphoria
The most an-dick-cipated nudity of the year was definitely the penis-packed high school locker room scene in HBO’s Euphoria. The show about teens gone wild does NOT disappoint when star Jacob Elordi finds himself surrounded by twenty-one (oh, we counted) oft slow-motion flopping peens!

Jacob Elordi and Friends in Euphoria

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11 Comments on "OMG, these are the Top Ten Steamiest Nude Scenes of 2019 so far"

  1. damn what an ass on nr 9 hot hot

  2. elsayed ismail | July 22, 2019 at 5:31 pm | Reply


  3. It’s a shame that such beautiful bodies are associated with such crappy television shows. The shows, of themselves, do NOTHING for me.


  5. Kristen Mccleery | July 19, 2019 at 8:06 pm | Reply

    I really need to get these channels or Netflix or where ever these are…

  6. elsayed ismail | July 19, 2019 at 5:21 pm | Reply

    i and many people like or love the nude films for gays and women ,it is normal all the times but it is dangerous for children or under 18 years old,we should be careful

    • people under 18 see nudity all the time when they take a shower or bathe themselves.
      what exactly is the danger that has you worried and trembling that the world is about to end?

  7. I wish butts did something for me. I’m so ready for film and television to get over their collective fears of the D.

    • that ain’t happening anytime soon because the fear of the d is directly proportional to the film and television love of snatch

  8. Hello-

    granted Ricky W. is a gorgeous man but anything short of his two
    popping a load videos will really excite me.

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