!! OMG, have you heard? Troye Sivan used to post sexy photos on Instagram !!

Troye Sivan shirtless

Remember when Troye Sivan‘s main occupation was thirst trap? [instinct]

Looks like Madonna pulled the plug on her biopic [lainey]

Andrea Riseborough went above and beyond to try and win an Oscar. Did she break rules? [dlisted]

Christina Ricci says she didn’t! She’s team Andrea. [celebitchy]

Mean Girls the Musical is going to be a movie, now with a “fresher palette” [towleroad]

Is Harry Styles going to be the next Las Vegas diva-in-residence? [socialite life]

In case you didn’t know… There is a gay love story in The Last of Us [boy culture]

This is what groceries cost in 2020. Oomf [ruin my week]

OMG, cows sitting like dogs! [sad and useless]


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4 Comments on "OMG, have you heard? Troye Sivan used to post sexy photos on Instagram"

  1. i suppose he’s sexy for people who are into the bodies of 12 year olds.

    • But he’s not 12… He’s 27. Is he supposed to be celibate until his body passes your approval? If it’s not for you – fine. Just move on and shut up.

      • James, I thought your reply, to the buy bitching about the body (Troye Sivan) of a 12yo was great–and to the point–MOVE ON. My sentiments exactly. Kudos kiddo!

    • Was thinking about the same thing. Can someone give him a couple of bucks for a Happy Meal?

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