!! OMG, She’s an entrepreneur: Tyra Banks wants to focus on her business !!

Watch out, there is going to be a new ice-cream tycoon in town! Tyra Banks is stepping down from Dancing with the Stars to Focus on her businesses—one of them being her ice cream line “SMiZE & DREAM”!

” I think it’s time to graduate from the dance floor to the stock market floor,” said Tyra when asked about leaving.

What a great time for that! Check it out after the jump, and tell us if you’ll try her ice cream.

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4 Comments on "OMG, She’s an entrepreneur: Tyra Banks wants to focus on her business"

  1. Sorry, but you’re buying that?
    For years she tried promoting her businesses \ investments on ANTM and every single one of them was a massive bomb. Her MLM line? Gone. Her book? Gone. Her attempt at a theme park? Gone. Her investment in Flixel? Gone.
    Pretty much the same as her singing career.

    She’s been working on her ice cream long before she got to host the show and it went nowhere. To think there is any relations between the two is hilarious.

  2. Mario Lopez i 3..2…1 and what ever happened to Mddelland? her YA book series that failed and her theme park that never was? I mean an ice cream brand only in UAE? uh Okay.

  3. Good! I hope she fails at that too!

  4. No I won’t be trying the ice cream but does this mean they’ll bring back the old host and hostess???

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