!! Voter ID a problem for South Carolina governor !!

Republican governor of South Carolina Mark Sanford was turned away from his local polling station today because he could not produce a voter registration card.
Opponents of voter ID requirements argue that requiring voters to produce documentation disenfranchises voters, while most Republicans are in favor of the requirements (probably for the same reason). Unfortunately for Governor Sanford, he just got disenfranchised.

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2 Comments on "Voter ID a problem for South Carolina governor"

  1. That’s really weird…all I had to do in Pittsburgh was give my name & address & I was at the polls voting for every gay rights sympathizer I could find on the ballot. Yeah, for an angry electorate!

  2. You need to get your facts right. He didn’t get disenfranchised. He went home and got his ID just like he was supposed to and then voted. And with that, the system worked just like it was supposed to.

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