!! OMG, more ‘White Lotus’ candy: Leo Woodall & Adam DiMarco in S02E05 !!

This Sunday’s episode of The White Lotus could have been the steamiest one yet, with multiple nude bedroom scenes that truly deliver (shock among other sensations).

Remember Leo Woodall from last week? Well,without spoiling anything before the jump (if you click through, we can’t help you), you get to see plenty of him, and in positions you might not have imagined. Plus, if you didn’t get enough of Adam DiMarco‘s backside last week, there’s plenty (really, it’s a lot) more.

See all the NSFW moments after the jump!

View the complete scenes here.

Leo kicks off the episode with an incredible look at his bubble butt as he lazily scratches himself the morning after. Look at that bounce!







Towards the end of the most recent fifth episode, Leo Woodall’s character Jack excuses himself from his fling, Portia (Haley Lu Richardson), only to be discovered by Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge) secretly having gay sex with the man he claims to be his uncle (Tom Hollander):

While we wait for some answers next week, let’s not forget episode four of last season, where daddy Murray Bartlett was caught eating out blonde surfer boi Lukas Gage in a strikingly similar scene:

And red alert! Anybody out there wanting a better shot of Adam DiMarco’s beautifully ample butt is in luck this week as well:

Watch all these scenes and more right here.

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13 Comments on "OMG, more ‘White Lotus’ candy: Leo Woodall & Adam DiMarco in S02E05"

  1. I get ya. I definitely wish it was the other way around. Not because of their looks. Lol. Ahahaha. Either way, I’m happy with the representation on TV.

  2. It’s never the hot guy who bottoms.

  3. Not sorry the truth upsets you | November 29, 2022 at 10:36 pm | Reply

    Once again, no nudity.

    It’s just taboo to look cool.

    No surprise it’s white guys who are probably “preference gays”

  4. Richard E Vestal | November 29, 2022 at 9:23 pm | Reply

    Adam is really a hot dude, his butt I wouldn’t mind rimming.

  5. Hello-

    it fascinates me when streaming series have sex scenes soooooooooooooo frank the viewer
    can’t but wonder if the actors are actually doing it.

  6. In addition, I would also say that he must love to woodall!

  7. God bless the male ass! The best part of a man!

  8. Oh my lord, I’ll help him itch that butt!

  9. Hell, in Leo’s case, I would like to see it the other way around!

  10. I’d love to make sweet love to Adam’s delicious ass with my tongue

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