!! OMG, does some idiot think it’s a good idea to remake LABYRINTH? !!


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1 Comment on "OMG, does some idiot think it’s a good idea to remake LABYRINTH?"

  1. They are not remaking Labyrinth or rebooting it, the Henson’s have stated that this will be a direct sequel and is in the very early stages of development. They had hoped that David would reprise his role as Jareth, but it is well known that Bowie found it difficult to act with the muppets as he kept reacting to the actor voices coming from off stage. Now that David has passed, the project is still in development, and while I normally cringe at trying to add to beloved movies, I’m curious as to where they will go with this.

    Considering the state that The Dark Crystal sequel has been in for so long now, the Labyrinth sequel is by no means a done deal, but I think we should be a little more hopeful, at least until we have more information.

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