13 Comments on "OMG, his butt: Zac Efron give us a CLEAR VIEW of dat naked booty in ‘DIRTY GRANDPA’"

  1. Assfreak-Aleks | October 16, 2017 at 2:18 am | Reply


  2. Zac can ALWAYS get it!

  3. He used the body double to outside shots (the ones paparazzi released online). indoors people in the production already said that he was showing the skin

  4. That ass is many many things but FLAT ain’t one of them!


  6. Lee Daniels wants that butt in his next film.

  7. He’s not really an actor is he? He just whores himself out for film parts. No film is going to have him in it where he doesn’t take off his shirt (at the very least) Smart though, if he can get 100,000 or more and get a good table at a restaurant, just to show his ass, well…good for him

  8. The butt double was for a dangerous scene I guess (in which he rides a motorcycle), he uses a nude underwear for external scenes, but in those party scenes it’s pretty clear he’s showing his ass, the butt double doesn’t even looks like him even for behind, it’s clearly Zac’s back

  9. In that last pic: Yes, Zac, her watch is Fendi.

    Since it’s obvious he’s not staring at her tits.

  10. The man used a butt double for some of the scenes in the movie and anything with nudity was usually covered up.

    This is probably the butt double again.

  11. That is one fine ass…would love a good pounding from Zac…and Nick Jonas

  12. There is a slow motion loop in my future…

    Love Zac!

  13. Well, thank you. I’ve waited years for this kind of clarity!It’s about time Zac.

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