!! OMG, have you heard? 2023 Met Gala, who wore the best looks!? !!

2023 Met Gala: Jared Leto, Dwayne Wade, Bad Bunny, Jeremy Strong, Pedro Pascal, Manu Rios. What were the hottest looks from the met? [Lainey]

Lil Nas X was half-dressed in Dior and silver makeup for his Met Gala appearance [Celebitchy]

If you could read my mind, love: Gordon Lightfoot has died [Dlisted]

Pining for Payne? Singer goes shirtless for Ty Dolla Sign [Instinct]

Sci-Fi concepts that we want to see made! [Sad and Useless]

Inexpensive wonder drug used to treat HIV could cure Alzheimer’s, researchers reveal [Towleread]

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3 Comments on "OMG, have you heard? 2023 Met Gala, who wore the best looks!?"

  1. Idk, I can’t take any of these displays of extravagance that seriously when we’re still living in a hellscape and people are struggling to afford eggs and taking on jobs with Uber and OnlyFans because their primary jobs don’t compensate them enough.

  2. Halloween II

  3. Pedro looked great in Valentino.
    The best were FKA Twigs and Ivy Getty both in Maison Margiela.

    Also to those that criticize how outrageous people look at the Met Gala, it’s the MET GALA. The dress code has always been about pushing the envelope NOT just another boring red carpet presentation. Duh!!!

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