!! OMG, have you seen Jayne Mansfield’s Pink Palace? !!

What if you took a rustic style hacienda, painted it pink, and then placed it on 1960’s Sunset Boulevard?

Then you would have Jayne Mansfield‘s Pink Palace! No where comes close to this Kitsch Kingdom! It’s decked out in plush, satin, pink, and gold. Between the heart-shaped swimming pool, and custom marble surfaces, we know her house was a party!

Check out some photos after the jump, and watch a video of the diva walking you through it herself!



(Source:  LIFE magazine, by Allan Grant)

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3 Comments on "OMG, have you seen Jayne Mansfield’s Pink Palace?"

  1. Amazing to think that Marita Hargitay, her daughter, grew up there, yet is associated with the decor of a police station in Law & Order SVU.

  2. What an incredibly bizarre video… the dialogue seems to have been dubbed over the footage, even when they’re not talking, lol! She’s posing for the camera throughout almost the entire tour. This woman and her life has always struck me as an exercise in tackiness. Check out the “documentary” made after she died, “The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield” for even more strangeness.

  3. She speaks intelligently enough but that put on hooker walk, for the camera I guess, ruins it.But dang does her daughter look like her. Wow

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