!! 8th-graders show porn in science class !!

An Alabama school teacher was showing an educational video in her 8th grade science class when three unruly students swapped the tape out for a porno. The teacher didn’t notice until one of the students had brought it to her attention, by which point the class had been watching it for a little while.
I think the three boys did a heroic thing, considering that everyone in the class had most likely only had Alabama-style abstinence-only “sex” education until that point. Now all those kids know what a condom is, and maybe some of the girls even picked up some masturbation pointers (e.g., it feels better if you have long, red fingernails). (via Attu)

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5 Comments on "8th-graders show porn in science class"

  1. I can’t imagine Ms. Smith would want to pay her lawyer to come after little ol’ me.
    Still, sorry for the mistake. I’ve removed all reference to Ms. Smith from the post. For the record, I found the link to her picture from another site that was linking to it in reference to this article.

  2. I am sure that Ms. Smith’s lawyer would like to speak to you directly. If you’re man enough…how about posting your contact information?

  3. Oh my goodness, I have had a visit from the “Anti-Frank” himself. I knew the day would come when we would have to do battle with the world hanging in the balance. Don’t worry, Frank will triumph over whatever the opposite is.

  4. This picture is not the teacher that was responsible for this. The Bay Minette Middle School teacher who had this incident occur in her classroom is not named Mary Smith. Mary Smith is not even employed in Baldwin County. Tell “Frank” to get his facts straight.

  5. I’ve already seen this episode of Welcome Back, Kotter.

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