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!! OMG, are str8 people ok? Milf Manor !!

Milf Manor

And just like that… we suddenly have a new contender for bottom of the barrel of the toxic wasteland that is reality TV.

Milf Manor is a dating show you certainly didn’t ask for. But, once you catch a glimpse, you just might not be able to look away, despite its ultimately sexist and conservative premise dressed up as taboo-breaking.

Nancy Jo Sales does a great job of explaining just what is so wrong about the show in a Guardian opinion piece.

But perhaps you just want to meet the men of the manor, who—spoiler alert and Oedipal twist—are the actual, 100% real-life sons of the hot moms looking for love.


!! OMG, do you even read, sis? Valerie Solanas’ scarce play ‘Up Your Ass’ !!

Valerie Solanas Up Your Ass

If you like your important LGBTQ+ literary texts short, sharp and snappy, might Cookie suggest Up Your Assa rarely published play by vanguard NYC downtowner and Andy Warhol shooter Valerie Solanas.

According to publisher Sternberg Press, it explodes “social and sexual mores and the hypocritical, patriarchal culture that produces them” with “signature irreverence and wit, incisiveness and camp.”

Careful though, you just might see yourself imperfectly represented—as all representations are—in all your imperfectness, as “the unknowing john, the frothy career girl, the boring male narcissist, two catty drag queens, the sex-depraved housewife, and a pair of racialized pickup artists.”

!! OMG, have your ordered Bruce LaBruce’s new photobooks yet? !!

Bruce Labruce Ephemera Volume 1

Noted pervert and cinephilic auteur Bruce LaBruce has just launched two limited edition books of photos on UK imprint Baron Books, available here.

According to the publisher, “the book comes in two volumes and features a myriad of queer references, gay bars and chem parties, hotels and hospitals, street signs and sunsets and iconic faces, including Genesis P-Breyer Orridge, Kembra Pfahler, Karl Lagerfeld, Beth Ditto and many more.”

Don’t miss your chance to participate in Bruce’s storied raucous life, without actually having to live it!

For more on Bruce LaBruce, check out our exclusive 2021 Q&A.

!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: CHRISTEENE shares filthy new video for ‘LO PAID RUNWAY MODEL’ !!

Bitch, she look like she’s fresh(?) off the runway! NY underground punk icon CHRISTEENE has shar(t)ed the official video for her latest track, LO PAID RUNWAY MODEL. CHRISTEENE explains:

“Itz about tha dark loneliness of tha lockdown, about peeple never answerin their fukkn phones, about lettin go uh those who have drifted, about stolen stank an lost dimes that were once used to call you when you needed real love,”

RELATABLE, to say the very least.Turn it up after the jump – and you can find it on her upcoming new album MIDNITE FUKK TRAIN, out on November 11 via Austin non-profit label Spaceflight Records.


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