!! OMG, gossip: Kirstie Alley addresses the John Travolta gay rumors !!

According to Kirstie Alley at least: John Travolta is not gay [towleroad]
Get ready, girls: There’s already a RuPaul’s Drag Race season 5 teaser [popbytes]
Feelin’ it? Usher gets “Numb” [arjan]
How appropriate: Chris Brown and Rihanna collaborated on a new song called “Nobodies Business” [celebitchy]
Legitimate: Team Rape lost big last night [jezebel]
Speaking of which: Sarah Palin‘s sported a bump-it to play pundit during the election [dlisted]
Battle of the hotties: Daniel Macedo and Tauá Biral in the new campaign for Brazilian menswear brand Rich [kenneth]
Did I do that? Tablecloth trick goes oh-so-very wrong [double viking]
And there were many: The top ten Donald Trump moments of the 2012 campaigns [celebrity cafe]
Speaking of which: A slew of celebrities took to Twitter to react to the election results [evil beet]
Must read: Manila Luzon opens up about Drag Race and losing Sahara Davenport [after elton]
Probably the best photo ever: New York, the City and the Storm [oh la la]
Today’s hottest hottie: Ryan Tongia [berry]
Anyone shocked? Lady Gaga goes topless in Rio [socialite life]
Ha! Brian Austin Green is “surprised” no one cared about the birth and his and Megan Fox‘s baby [amy grindhouse]
Most likely: Lindsay Lohan thinks the cops are out to get her [allie]
The show must go on: R. Kelly sang to security at a concert to break up a fight [tabloid prodigy]
When you’re right, you’re right: Nate Silver called the election down to the exact states [joe]

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1 Comment on "OMG, gossip: Kirstie Alley addresses the John Travolta gay rumors"

  1. Both Kirstie and Travolta are Scientologists, of course she isn’t going to out him.

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