!! OMG, gossip: Cameron Diaz doesn’t mind setting back the feminist movement 50 years !!

Cameron Diaz says: “I do think every woman wants to be objectified [amy grindhouse]
News flash: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie‘s kids are obnoxious [evil beet]
Doesn’t she design shoes? Jessica Simpson has no feet [dlisted]
In case you care: The 2012 American Music Awards happened [popbytes]
Speaking of which: Wasn’t it creepy when Jenny McCarthy and Justin Bieber made out? [socialite life]
Don’t start hoarding those Twinkies yet: Hostess is in talks with the Union [joe]
OMG: Jesus could learn a few things about being a carpenter [kenneth]
He speaks: Nate Silver on being gay and geeky [towleroad]
He’s still on Myspace: Justin Timberlake [arjan]
Unsurprisingly: “Breaking Dawn: Part 2” made $141.3 million on opening weekend [celebitchy]
Even less surprisingly: CBS cancelled “Partners” [after elton]
It’s not the holidays if you aren’t drunk: The top ten wines to pair with your Thanksgiving dinner [celebrity cafe]
Speaking of which: Here’s how to spend T-giving with your imaginary boyfriend Joseph Gordon-Levitt [jezebel]
Bigger is better: Three of the world’s largest machines [double viking]
Today’s hottest hottie: Dean Geyer [oh la la]
But perhaps even hotter: 70 more gorgeous guys [berry]
New couple alert: Sean Penn and Florence Welch [allie]
Meanwhile: Florence would like to go away for a while [tabloid prodigy]

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  1. Hi, the link for, “Speaking of which” Jenny McCarthy, takes you to the same story as, “Speaking of which” Imaginary bf.

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