!! OMG, gossip: What happens in the last episode of ‘The Outs’? !!

Prepare to cry: The episode six finale of The Outs is here [towleroad]
OMG: Does Blake Lively have a wandering eye? [celebitchy]
“Toxic”: Lindsay Lohan on her former-flame Samantha Ronson [amy grindhouse]
Turkey lurkey: Rihanna and Chris Brown spent Thanksgiving together [evil beet]
Speaking of which: Rihanna’s original uncensored album cover has leaked [allie]
Cancelled: Mike Rowe is done doing “Dirty Jobs” [dlisted]
Donald Trump‘s new ringtone: Cher has a new single called “Woman’s World” [popbytes]
Next up in K-pop: Georgia Murray for Elle Magazine Korea [arjan]
To watch on a stomach full of turkey: The top 10 Thanksgiving movies [celebrity cafe]
Speaking of which: How celebrities spent their day of thanks [socialite life]
But no one’s was worse than: Halle Berry [tabloid prodigy]
Say it aint so: Jeb Bush might be running for president in 2016 [joe]
Epic fail: Probably the best thing to happen to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade [kenneth]
SNL: Why you should or shouldn’t still be watching… [after elton]
Wait, what? When Saudi women leave the country, their male guardians receive a text message [jezebel]
Big shooter: Super cool paintball tricks [double viking]
Today’s hottest hottie: JD Pardo [oh la la]
Coming to a theater near you: Jackie Chan the human bobsled [blemish]

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  1. Pullease! No more Shrubs for president.

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